Compact Tactical Rifle

The CTX rifle was created as a multipurpose, easily transported and handy rifle for competition, hunting or tactical applications.

We start with our branded receiver, made for us by Stiller Precision to our tolerances.  The receiver includes a 20-MOA base that attaches using four 8-40 screws and two anti-sheer pins.  The perfectly ground recoil lug is pinned to the receiver.  The one-piece bolt has a fluted body, M16-style extractor and tactical style bolt knob.  A side bolt release makes it easy to remove the bolt for cleaning or transportation. We lap the bolt lugs for proper consistent contact.

We then install one of our premium 416R SS match grade barrels.  The barrel is cut to 18.5″ or 21″ depending on caliber and threaded 5/8×24 with a knurled thread protector. 

The barreled action is coated in heat-cured Cerakote and fitted to an XLR Industries Element chassis.  The chassis is also coated in a blended camouflage.  We can also coat various camo patterns by request.  

The rifle is setup for standard AI-pattern magazines and a 10-round magazine is included with the rifle.  The chassis includes a rail adapter for forward mounted night vision devices, a bipod accessory rail, flush cup adapter (for QD sling) and a second accessory rail.  The butt of the chassis is adjustable for length of pull, cheek height and folds to the side for transportation, storage and cleaning.

The trigger is a Timney 510THIN set to ~2.5 pounds and features a top side safety.