We offer a wide variety of coating services including parkerizing and heat-cured finishes, such as Cerakote. We are a Certified Cerakote Applicator. We only using the highest quality products for long-lasting, durable and aesthetically pleasing results. A quality finish doesn’t just look good, it protects your investment from the elements. Let us put a quality finish on your next project.

Ever do some touch up painting at your home and put fresh paint over old, weathered paint without thoroughly cleaning (or removing) the old surface? Peeled off in pretty short order, didn’t it? The biggest part of coating is actually in the preparation work. We completely disassemble everything. Each part is washed in a commercial-grade parts washer then dried. We then blast the parts in a blast cabinet with either aluminum oxide or glass bead, depending on type of material we’re coating. Again to the parts washer to remove all blasting media. After drying each part is hung for spraying. Each part is sprayed and then either air cured (such as in the case of optics) or heat cured in our digitally controlled oven. Our oven holds temperature to a degree with no hot or cold spots in the oven for the perfectly even finish. So, the guy who charges $50 to coat a barreled action….you think he might be skipping a step?

If you want a proper coating, let us give you a quote. We coat other items not listed here.

Some projects may require a disassembly and re-assembly fee. We’ll tell you that when we quote your project.

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