Stock Work and Bedding

The barreled action is the engine of the race car. But if the tires aren’t aligned properly, you’ll never make it around the track. Fitting a barreled action to a stock or chassis is a critical part of any rifle project. Any stress in the system and you’ll go crazy trying to chase the problem. Fail to get that bottom metal situated just perfectly in relation to the receiver and again you’ll have issues.

We’re a full-service stock shop. We inlet stocks for proper bottom metal fit. We can open barrel channels for larger contour barrels. Our bedding jobs are guaranteed to be free of stress. Our services also include full pillar bedding, skim bedding chassis and V-blocks, installing studs, flush cups and bipod rails. Just about anything you need down to a stock, we can do it.

The following are some of the our most popular services pertaining to stock and chassis work. Let us know what you need done and we’re happy to send you an estimate.

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