If you came here looking for a bunch of different optics, sorry to disappoint. We only stock Nightforce optics. But let us tell you WHY…..

We didn’t open the shop expecting to stock optics. We’d probably be better putting that money into stocks, actions and barrels. But we started selling Nightforce scopes not because we necessarily wanted to….we HAD TO. You see, all of us in the shop shoot Nightforce. It is our preferred scope. Feature set for the money you just won’t beat it. So in our early days we’d have people talk to us about their rifle project then they would eventually ask us what glass we recommended. They’d ask, “What do YOU use and why?” We told them. We showed them the many targets of stellar groups we shot with Nightforce. We were selling them on WHY to buy a Nightforce. Well, if we’re gonna spend the time, we might as well make the actual sale. So, there ya go. But, here is something else to consider….

We see everything you can imagine come through the shop. You name it, we see it. We even see prototype stuff from other companies. Nothing compares to the consistent performance we see in Nightforce. Nothing. We see lots of scopes that don’t track, bad debris in the lens field, bad chromatic aberrations, won’t hold parallax, you name it. Oh, we’ve seen problems in Nightforce too. We see hundreds of scopes a year. But the problems we’ve seen in Nightforce are very few and very, very far between. There is a reason we all shoot Nightforce!