Stryker Rifle

Our Stryker rifle was designed to accommodate the needs of the most demanding tactical shooters.  It is built like a tank to take whatever abuse can be thrown at it without adversely affecting its reliable and precision performance.

This is built off our branded receiver, made for us by Stiller Precision to our tolerances.   The perfectly ground recoil lug is pinned to the receiver.  The one-piece bolt has a fluted body, M16-style extractor and tactical style bolt knob.  A side bolt release makes it easy to remove the bolt for cleaning or transportation. We lap the bolt lugs for proper consistent contact.

A 20-MOA continuous Picatinny rail spans the top of the rifle chassis.  The rail is actually two piece to prevent the base from working loose under recoil due to flex.  The rear piece is attached to the receiver using  four 8-40 screws and two anti-sheer pins.  The forward section is attached to the chassis forend and allows for mounting of night vision devices or other accessories.

The chassis is a Cadex Lite Strike with skeleton butt assembly.  The butt is adjustable for length of pull, cheek height and butt pad height.  The butt folds to the right side and locks in that position for easy transportation, storage and cleaning.  The standard pistol grip is an Ergo, but other AR-15 grips can be used.  The chassis comes standard with accessory rails and flush cup adapters for use with QD slings.