This rifle was designed specifically with tactical match use as the primary intended purpose.


The action is manufactured for us to our specs by Stiller Precision to precision tolerances expected in a top tier, custom action but not overly tight, providing 100% reliably even in adverse conditions. The bolt body is a single machined piece for added strength. An M16-style extractor ensures positive extraction. The action body is inlet for Accuracy International’s 10-round AW magazines. A side bolt release is an added convenience when removing the bolt for transportation or cleaning.


The scope base is held firmly to the action with four 8-40 screws and two pins. It provides a 20-MOA cant. The base is extended past the recoil lug slightly to accommodate various scopes’ eye relief. The precision ground recoil lug is also pinned in place. The bolt knob is lightly knurled at the bottom.

The rifle comes with either a Manners model MCS-T4A stock with a skim-bedded mini-chassis or a McMillan A5-adjustable stock with a pillar bedded Badger Ordnance M5 bottom metal. Both systems use standard AI-pattern magazines. The stock have an adjustable cheek piece allowing the stock to properly fit the shooter’s cheek for perfect eye positioning behind the scope. Two flush cups are on the side of the stock for quick-attach slings, such as Armageddon Gear’s popular Precision Rifle Sling. The rear cup is placed high on the stock to keep the rifle from being top heavy and twisting away from the shooter when going hands-off the rifle. A bipod rail is now standard for all TMR rifles. (Note, some pictures show a standard bipod stud.)


The vertical type grip is comfortable without fatiguing the wrist. A rear support hook is beneficial in some positional shooting stances. It also allows the shooter to lock their support hand into the stock while still grasping a shooting bag.

The rifle is magazine fed using 5 an 10-round AI-pattern magazines. A 5-round magazine comes standard with each rifle.

Finish is heat-cured Cerakote.


Barrel & Calibers
The barrel is a medium (AO Varmint/Sendero) contour ideal for match conditions in which shooting longer strings of fire is often required. It is heavy enough to help stabilize the rifle during recoil and not open groups when it gets hot, but light and manageable enough for off-hand and positional shooting.

The rifle is currently offered in popular match calibers including .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, .260 Remington and 6mm Creedmoor. Other calibers available on request. All barrels are threaded 5/8×24 with a custom fit knurled thread protector and finished at 24″.

We adjust the Timney 510THIN trigger to a consistent break weight 2.25# The trigger is fully adjustable for shooters wanting a slightly heavier trigger pull weight. This trigger is a perfect match trigger. It isn’t too light, breaks clean every time and is rugged enough to be used in harsh conditions without coming out of adjustment.

All metal is finished in heat-cured Cerakote. Our standard color is a custom blend called “Spider Monkey” green but we offer these rifles in other camo patterns and Cerakote colors too.

Weight and Length
Overall weight is 11.5#.
Overall length is 43.5″.



We usually have parts for these rifles in stock for a fast build time. Also, we often have rifles ready to go either in our shop or at one of our stocking dealers.