AAR: March 18, 2017 Alabama Precision PRS Match

Our friends at Alabama Precision hosted a one day PRS Club Series match on Saturday, March 18, 2017.  It was a fantastic event and we wanted to document the experience here for you.  If you have never attended a match – go!  You won’t believe how much fun you will have and everyone there will go out of their way to help you.

The event was attended by some of the top shooters in the country, first-time match attendees and everyone else in between.  Over 100 shooters attended the event.  We were  broken into squads of 9 to 12 shooters per squad, received a safety briefing and then were sent off towards our assigned stages.  The match consisted of 10 stages with targets ranging from 259 yards to 1200 yards.  Total round count for the match was 100 rounds.

The newer shooters were all welcomed with open arms by their squad mates.  If anyone needed to borrow any gear, needed help with working various positions or help with wind calls, they had plenty of experienced folks there offering assistance.

This AAR follows Squad Three through the match.  We started on the third stage and ended the match on stage two.  So, the first stage for us was Stage 3: Speed Rack.  

Stage 3: Speed Rack

This was a 2 minute Par time stage with 10 rounds max.  Start at designated position then move into the first shooting position at the back of a car. There was a plate rack across a field and up a hill in the tree line at 630 yards with five 12″ circles.  We were to engage each plate one time from left to right.  Then move to the second firing position at the front of the car and re-engage the targets from left to right.  I gotta tell ya the wind was pretty strong in the morning coming left to right.  This wasn’t as easy as it might sound.

Stage 4: Prone 1200 Yards

This was the longest range stage of the match.  We shot prone off an elevated platform.  Par time was 2 minutes, round count 10.  We engaged each target twice working from near to far.  Distances were 800, 900, 1000, 1100 and 1200 yards.  

Stage 5: Pipe of Pain

The target on this stage was a single plate at 701 yards.  We had to engage the plate twice from each of five shooting positions.  Par time two minutes and 10 rounds max.  Started behind the pipes with all gear in hand. 

Stage 6: Overwatch

This was a super fun stage and I’m sorry I didn’t get any pictures of it.  We shot this prone from an elevated platform.  Par time 2 minutes and round count was 10 for a possible 8 impacts on 8 total targets.  In other words, we had two Mulligans on this stage and each target was to receive one impact.  Targets were at 604, 660, 718 and 792 yards.  

Stage 7: Mover

Again, no pictures of this stage but this was a classic mover stage.  We had 12 rounds for 12 possible points as a 464 yard mover going about 2.5 MPH.  Shot from the prone.  Mover stages are always a blast!

Stage 8: Truck

This was a super fun stage.  Three targets were staggered up the clear cut at 259, 411 and 601 yards.  That far target was at the top of the hill and had a very different wind effect so it was tricky for a lot of shooters.  Two minutes and 12 rounds.

Shooter started in the back of the truck standing on the tailgate with all gear.  On start, move to the first shooting position on the toolbox and engage each target twice moving up the hill.  Then move to the second firing position over the top of the truck and re-engage the targets with another two rounds each.  Those plates would swing a LOT when you hit them so you’d need to time that second shot to impact while the plate was still moving.  Total blast!  

Stage 9: Animal Eradication

Two minutes, 10 rounds and five critter targets.  We engaged each target twice starting with prairie dogs at 306, 349 and 388 yards.  The last two targets were piggies (one large and one small) at 443 yards.  All shot from top of the spool.

Stage 10: PRS Barricade

This is one of the “Skills” stages you’ll often encounter at a match.  There is a 10″ circle at 400 yards, you engage it twice from each of four shooting positions on the barricade.  90 seconds and 8 rounds.  Engage!

Stage 1: Holdover

Can’t touch your scope once you start.  Targets were 275 yard 4″ circle, 300 yard 6″ circle and 325 yard 8″ circle.  Engage each target once from three different positions on some GIANT tires.  The last round was shot prone at a 4″ square at 340 yards.

Stage 2: Tank Trap

This was our last stage and it was a fun one.  Target was a 12″ square at 426 yards.  We had to engage the target twice from each of the designated shooting positions on top of and through barricade holes and a tank trap.  Two minutes and 10 rounds.


Well, folks, that’s it.  A beautiful day and 100 rounds later and we were finished.  This was a very well organized, exciting match hosted by some veteran match directors.  Everyone had a terrific time.  

Honorable mention to our friend Brain who came out with his beautiful daughter to help RO some stages.  Thanks to them and all the other ROs who helped make this such a safe and fun experience.  Can’t wait for the next match!