All gunsmiths are equal, right?

Mark J. Kuczka & Jason Nixon   07/25/2011

All gunsmiths aren’t created equal
I can say with absolute certainty that our gunsmiths are not just great machinists, they are artists. They are craftsmen. They are extremely talented and skilled with the machines necessary to create an excellent rifle.


We aren’t the most expensive guys in town but we aren’t the cheapest either. When setting our prices we didn’t just look at how our competition prices their services. We based our prices on the time it takes us to perform each task. The way we do some things are different from some other gunsmiths. Take for example threading a barrel. We remove the barrel from the action and dial it in with reference to the rifle bore at two different points near the muzzle. This ensures that the threads we cut hold the bore of the muzzle device (e.g. brake, flash hider, or silencer) parallel and coaxial with the rifle bore. Accuracy and safety are greatly improved over more conventional methods that incorrectly assume the rifle bore has been created perfectly straight.

We are definitely not the only shop that uses this method, but everything can be executed to varying degrees of precision. We are confident that our level of work resides at the top of the scale.


Only the best equipment and tools
We very much believe in buy once, cry one when it comes to buying our firearms and gear. So, is there any surprise we apply the same logic to our shop? When we started out we bought the absolute best equipment we could find that hold the tightest of tolerances. We carefully choose our tools and instruments so that we know that we achieve a remarkable level of precision in our work. We expect a lot out of ourselves and just as much from our equipment. We wont cut corners to get something out of the shop before it is perfect.