Reamer List

The following is a list of our chamber reamers.  We are constantly adding to our reamer inventory and may have reamers for cartridges not listed.  Also, we are certainly open to purchasing tooling for cartridges not on this list.  So, if you have a chamber project you’d like us to handle but don’t see the … Read more

Custom Built

Truly Custom Built Rifles Our Signature Series rifles are themselves custom built rifles.  However, we are a custom shop.  Most of the rifles we build are custom projects that use products beyond what we put in our Signature Series rifles. For example, want a really light-weight hunting rifle with a Titanium receiver, carbon shell stock … Read more


We build all our hunting rifles using the same top quality components we put into our record winning F-Class and PRS (Precision Rifle Series) competition rifles.  Only the feature set is different. As a hunter myself I gravitate towards a certain feature set in my hunting rifles.  I like a more traditional “Monte Carlo” style … Read more

My reloading process

Finding the right load for your rifle will greatly improve the rifle’s accuracy and do wonders for your confidence.  The load development process is for another article.  For this article I want to focus on the process I currently go through loading my ammunition.  Keep in mind there are lots of different ways to go … Read more