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{TOP 12} Best QD Scope Mount Reviews (2023 Updated)

Do you need a quick detach (QD) mount to attach your scope to your rifle? Or maybe you’ve heard other shooters talk about a QD mount, and you have no clue on what they’re or what they’re used for. This article will help you understand all you need to know about QD mounts, as well as present a list of the best QD mount scope mount currently on the market. Let’s get started.

Best QD Scope Mount Reviews

Quick detach scope mounts, often known as QD mounts, are among the most popular mounting solution for scopes of variable sizes and optics used for different functions. As you may know, when buying any type of scope, whether high-end or low-cost optics, it is most likely not going to come with a mounting device needed to attach it to your gun.

As a buyer, you have numerous options of scope mounts you can use to install the optic to your firearm. Most times, the choice of mount is determined by the kind of gun platform that you have. For instance, if you have a Ruger PC carbine that comes with a Picatinny rail, then you cannot use a scope with a different scope mounting system. 

However, if you have a 6.5 Creedmoor that comes without a particular mount, then you can place an order for any kind of scope mounting system, whether it’s a Picatinny rail mount, Weaver rail mount, or a Dovetail mount.

With that in mind, what role do quick detach mounts serve? Continue reading to find out more about Quick Detach mounts and their uses in the modern day.

Here are our top 12 QD mounts:

With diverse functional objectives comes a variety of mounting design options. We have the single-piece mounts, scope rings, and other alternatives that are all based on the different shooting applications. The unique thing about a QD mount is that it can be used together with any scope mount you desire.

In other words, a quick detach scope mount platform can be used with scope rings or single-piece mounts. 

If your riflescope mount fails in the middle of a hunt or the scope suddenly becomes unreliable, you may instantly detach it when you have QD mounts. Even if you spend thousands of dollars on your rifle and sight, it won’t work unless you mount the scope to your weapon.

The QD mount method of mounting a scope was conceived when rifle scopes and red dot sights were not as durable as they are now. The idea was meant to provide a quick solution to a failed riflescope or red dot sight, so if your riflescope or red dot sight fails while in a hunt, you can quickly detach it and utilize the iron sight on your firearm as a backup.

With scope advancements currently in the 21st century, even the most cost-effective riflescope is less likely to fail you because the manufacturing methods have improved generally.

The top receivers of a firearm might be too short for a proper Qd ring installation with two-piece scope rings. A one-piece cantilever mount allows you to maintain the entire Qd scope rings on the upper receiver.

Many single-piece bases have three screws instead of four.

A two-piece base will have greater loading space. Professionally mounted and high-quality QD mounts will perform well in terms of precision and eye relief.

The question now is, how can you know a high-quality QD mount?


Generally, every shooter that wants a quick detach scope mount needs a mounting system that will fit firmly and precisely while also performing consistently, whether switching or reinstalling your optic. Here are some things you need to consider before getting a QD scope mount.


QD scope mounts are available in a variety of lengths and sizes. The length and size are determined by the size of the objective lens diameter of the optic to be mounted. There are 3 main sizes or heights of mounts generally. The three mount height alternatives are low, medium, and high mounts. The height you select is determined by your shooting applications and the objective diameter of your lens.

A high-scope mount is useful for shooters who want to use an iron sight in addition to or instead of the scope. 

High mounts provide for an iron sight view and give shooters the option to swap forth and back in the sight practice. One of the easiest methods to quickly switch between firing with a iron sight and scope is to use a high mount.

A Medium height scope mount is a more common choice for riflescopes with a 42mm to 45mm lens diameter. A simple reference rule for selecting a height depending on your scope’s objective lens diameter is 40mm and lower for a low scope mount, 42 mm- 45 mm for medium mounts, and 50mm and above for high mounts.

If you are into CQB, 3 guns, and home defense kind of shooting, then you want to install a sight that is as low as possible and does not make contact with the barrel. This helps in maintaining the zero of the scope for a long time.


When it comes to the weight of your firearm, whether during a hunt or for military purposes, every ounce matters. Fatigue is an enemy of all, and the heavier the weight of your firearm the more likely you’ll get fatigued. Reducing the weight of your firearm allows you to be able to carry it and shoot for longer periods of time.

When you want to get a QD mount, get one that is very light and still highly durable. The total weight of a firearm is the next important issue for experienced shooters after accuracy. Every ounce you can save will contribute to an overall weight drop, and it will make you to be able to carry other items for your hunting trip. 

The weight of a scope mount is heavily influenced by the type of material used to make the mount. Like every other item in the market, you will get what you paid for. You should not expect a high-quality, lightweight mount to be inexpensive. You want to be sure that the mount is securely attached to your rifle, and that you can keep your zero when you utilize the quick-release scope mount.

Quality Of Material 

While selecting a quick detach scope mount, the overall quality of the material is important. When it comes to quality, what we want to know is how well the mount can endure the quick detach lever being hooked on the range bag when taking it out of the bag for use or when you want to put it back in.

In these cases, a low-quality material can break if it gets hooked by anything. This is why, when selecting a QD mount, you should make certain that it is made of high-quality materials. The bulk of QD mounts you will find are made of various qualities of aluminum.

Aluminum is ideal since it is light in weight and long-lasting. You must be able to fire hundreds of rounds without needing to re-zero your riflescope. You also have to ensure that it won’t warp, bend, or flex under strain.

Even though you’re unlikely to use your QD mount every time you are at the shooting range. You need a QD mount that will be able to withstand bumpy road trips. Aluminum can withstand scrapes and knocks, and it is the best material for shooting accessories.

Aluminum has a long lifespan; however, some QD mounts are not made with aluminum, so be sure you choose aluminum.


A QD mount’s aim is to be able to detach your scope swiftly and effortlessly while still being rock-solid and trustworthy when taking a shot. There’s no need to have a QD mount if you always have to re-zero it or if it slides off when walking in the woods.

With this article, you’ll get all the required knowledge to make an informed QD purchase. The mount you select should be easy to use. The mount should remove fast and easily and it should have a strong lever mechanism.

Some scope mounts are more efficient at maintaining zero when reattached compared to others. To give enough eye relief, your mount should be freely adjustable and allow for forward and backward movement. The right QD mount will help you improve your shot accuracy and steadiness.

The best QD mounts are effective at retaining their function when used correctly. The best scope mounts are those that do their tasks well. It might be challenging to get a QD mount that has all the capabilities I listed, which is why I compiled a long list.


When searching for a good QD mount, you also have to consider the amount you are prepared to spend. Bear in mind that a higher quality material and stronger guarantee policies may cost you more than others. 

When contemplating the price range, you are prepared to pay, also consider how often you want to use the mount and the kind of task you want to use it for. 

Best QD Scope Mount Detail Reviews

1. Vortex Optics Quick Release Cantilever Mount

Vortex Optics takes pride in producing high-quality, reasonably priced, and reputable shooting accessories. I have used several Vortex optical devices, and I’ve never been disappointed. This Vortex quick detaches mount is no exception.

This QD mount is as tough as a nail. The construction of the mount and the materials used are worthy of praise.

This Vortex Quick release mount was machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and finished with a durable mil-spec type III coat. The scope rings can withstand significant shock or recoil from your firearm.

Since it has a cantilever mount design, you will get optimum eye relief, and you can fire with pinpoint accuracy.

This Vortex mount is one the heaviest QD mounting system on our list. It weighs about 8.9 ounces. So if you’re one of those shooters that care so much about the total weight of your firearm, then you should not get this mount. 

Vortex is unrivaled in the creation of adaptable, simple-to-install mounting systems for its scopes and red dot sights.

One of the most common complaints about this mount is that it takes some effort to get the locking adjustment right, and this is common with QD mounts.

Furthermore, if you overtighten it, it may be quite difficult to remove.  Once fitted, the Vortex QR  mount does not budge. This setup suits most of my scopes perfectly.

This QR mount is also somewhat expensive but it takes care of everything you’ll need in a QR mount.

If you’re looking for dependability and shooter pleasure, then this Vortex Precision cantilever mount is an excellent choice.

Vortex offers one of the greatest VIP warranties and unparalleled customer service. When you purchase the Vortex Quick-Release mount, you are purchasing quality, not just “brand name.”

2. Burris Optics P.E.P.R. QD Rifle Scope Rings

We proceed with a high-quality QD mount from another well-known scope accessories brand called Burris Optics. This brand is known to produce items with easy usability in mind.

Burris has developed their reputation for excellence, and its QD mount is no exception. This mount is made of aircraft-quality aluminum; as a result, it is very strong and long-lasting.

Those that use AR-style guns will find that attaching their optic with this mount is a breeze. The mount has Picatinny ring tops and the necessary clearance. Aside from that, the front scope location may be increased by more than 2 inches. Such flexibility enables increased eye relief and a broad field of view.

This Burris QD mount is intended for both Weaver and Picatinny rails. This is a really handy feature because you can add lights, lasers or any other accessory that you want.

When mounting any scope or mount, one of the most important things to consider is precise eye placement for the best target acquisition. 

The P.E.P.R. mounts name means “Proper Eye Position Ready,” and it has several impressive attributes. Most shooters refer to it as a PEPPER Mount!

The size and application are entirely up to you. Whether you’re a tactical shooter, hunter, or competitive shooter, the versatility of this mount makes it to be on top of the list of QD mounts.

When it comes to size, you may pick between the 1-inch or 30mm size. Although the mount is quite small, some users may still find it too heavy for their application. The 30mm mount weighs about 8.7 ounces, whereas the 1-inch mount weighs about 8.3 ounces.

This mount is a more lightweight alternative.

The 34mm dimension is another choice for a QD alternative. This is due to the fact that it has 20 MOA in-built cant.

3. Warne Scope Mount QD

This Warne QD variant is a very reliable alternative for shooters that need a 1-inch QD pair of rings.

This mount is reasonably priced. 

It is worth noting that the rings are constructed of steel. Although steel rings are not as dependable as aluminum rings, they should nevertheless be considered as fit. This is demonstrated by the fact that users are completely satisfied with its performance. They claim it is good to go for any hunting situation and stays firmly in place while in use.

The mounting of this Warne QD mount is quite simple; the rings are Medium height with .375-inches, and zero is retained continuously. The mount is lighter than most other existing single-piece mounts due to its two-piece construction.

Because of Warne’s indexable lever mechanism, your mount will maintain its zero at all times, regardless of the amount of shooting you have used it for or the number of times you have detached/reattached it from the mount.

Aside from the persistent zero characteristics, another advantage is the ease of weapon cleaning. If you remove and clean your firearm when you return to the range and rejoin the mount, your zero will still be intact.

4. Nikon P-Series QD Mount 

The next QD mount comes from another recognized manufacturer: Nikon.

The Nikon P-Series is clearly worth considering because it has an acceptably solid design and price range. It is constructed of a solid, lightweight alloy that is extremely durable.

Correct placement is provided by eye relief and height. This attachment is designed for a scope tube with 1-inch diameter.

This reversible two-piece mount is built with mounting versatility in mind. 

It is believed to operate well on practically any rifle and with every kind of rifle sight now available. However, some users have complained that it does not fit flattop Picatinny rails. 

Some individuals who purchased this scope mount online have gotten Chinese counterfeit items. Make certain that you’re purchasing an approved Nikon product, ideally from an authorized dealer.

5. American Defense AD RECON Scope Mount

The American Defense scope mount is designed to install high-powered riflescopes on flat-top type guns. The length and design of the mount push the scope out front, allowing you to obtain tremendous eye relief.

This American Defense mount is composed of T6 aluminum and has an auto lock lever mechanism to fit most rail systems. The mount is made in the USA and has a hard anodize Mil spec finish.

The AD quick-release lever is composed of Titanium, which guarantees a secure clamping to the mounting rail.

Despite the fact that the levers are made of Titanium, American Defense has discovered a means to ensure that the modifications require no specific tools and can be made with your fingertips.

This mount is no slouch, and it weighs about 8.4 ounces. The AD mount works with riflescopes that have an objective lens diameter of about 2.2 inches and sets your scope at 1.47 inches in height. The mount has a lifetime guarantee and is reasonably priced.

6. UTG QD Scope Mount

Shooters seeking a low-cost QD mount will appreciate this UTG mount model.

The UTG brand has a solid reputation in the shooting industry. This is partly due to their effort to provide quality items at a cost-effective price. All items and accessories are extensively tested to guarantee durability and duration of usage.

The rings are made of aircraft-quality aluminum, and they have a matte black anodized finish. This finish contributes to their attractive appearance. Although most shooters prefer single-piece mounts, this two-piece mount is versatile.

They are made for 30mm usage, are high profile, and are suitable for Weaver/Picatinny rail. The diameter of the ring is 30mm, it has a width of 22mm, and the max outer diameter is 74mm. 

All their products undergo extensive testing. You will have a highly strong QD mount fitting as a result of this operation. Each clamp is designed to lock down your selected scope with 4 screws. This ensures a secure and firm fit.

In terms of attachment, the fast-release levers have customizable strength to accommodate the shooter. Another advantage is that you will have a perfect zero. 

This is true even after the mount has been removed and reattached.

This device is rated as one of the greatest QD mounts that give owners value for money. Indeed, you would have to look far and wide to find any mount better compared to the price given. 

7. Larue Tactical QD Cantilever Mount

For our next top high-quality QD mounts assessment, we continue in the higher price range. LaRue Tactical is well-known for producing high-quality scope mounts for professional shooters.

Those who are familiar with the LaRue brand will attest to the superb product selection and consistent high quality they offer. Shooters who are unfamiliar with the brand but willing to invest in their items will not be disappointed.

This strong QD cantilever mount is built to last.

This LT104 variant, like all LaRue mounts, is professionally machined from premium bar stock aluminum and hardcoat anodized. 

This means you’ll have a solid platform for a wide range of optics. It also improves repeatability by removing the need for lapping.

Users are confident that the precisely-machined rings are manufactured to the most exact specifications. Furthermore, threaded steel inserts are included to increase durability. This very durable mount design will tolerate and handle whatever is thrown at it and still stand unmoved. 

The surface for mounting is 4 inches in length, the centerline height (when you measure from the top rail to the optic center) is 1.5 inches. The cantilever aspect is 1.87 inches in length. All for a total of 6.9 ounces.

The cantilever feature simplifies things by allowing you to put your optic across the handguard. You will no longer need to stretch from your rifle receiver to its handguard. Furthermore, it enables shooters to get their chosen eye relief comfortably.

The popular locking speed levers offer a quick and reliable return to zero, so you can take out your optic confidently and replace it, and your zero will still be preserved.

The mount comes with extra mounting screw, adjustment wrench, and clear instructions.

When it comes to quality products and customer support efficacy, LaRue Tactical truly rises to the occasion. We can easily classify this LT104 mount among the best available.

8. Leupold (QR) Quick Release Weaver Scope Rings

Leupold has always been a good scope accessories brand, and they got it right again, this time with this QR Weaver-type scope ring in which you can customize the height and size of the mount. Leupold sells these QD rings in 30mm and 1-inch sizes, as well as in low, medium, and high heights for both sizes. This wonderful offer from the Leupold brand caters to all clients instead of restricting them with sizes and heights.

This Leupold QR scope ring is made up of steel, and it is intended to fit cross-slot bases, which improves the stability of an optic and simplifies installation. These rings use a forward and downward locking mechanism to keep your zero solid.

The weight of these Leupold QR rings varies in height and size due to the variety of alternatives. Leupold’s lifetime warranty is included for users of this mount.

9. MIZUGIWA QD Scope 1inch /30mm

Mizugiwa is not a brand you’ve probably heard of, except you do a lot of internet shopping. This brand is a Chinese firm that manufactures a limited line of fishing, hunting, and shooting equipment. Although they offer a limited choice, the products are of high quality.

There’s a reason why we added it among the most popular QD mounts on the internet markets. Their collection is best described as simple, inexpensive, and affordable.

The Mizugiwa Mount is a mount equivalent to the Swiss army knife. It is incredibly designed and performs at peak performance, ensuring that you continue to shoot to your full potential.

The mount measures about 13.5cm in length which is long enough to accept different types of scopes. I love the mount because of its versatility.

It has a matte black finish. The mount can fit a 20mm Weaver rail without difficulty.

If you enjoy adding optical accessories to your firearm, the Mizugiwa includes an in-built Weaver-type rail that allows you to quickly add spotlights and lasers to complement your shooting needs. 

Another nice feature of the Mizugiwa mount is that it can be mounted on Weaver rails and moved back and front to accommodate an eye relief that is comfortable for you.

It includes a clampdown construction with 6 bolts and fast release lever for simple separation when you wish to remove the scope for cleaning. 

Overall, it is an excellent quick-release mount that will serve you well for many years. 

10. Hammers QD Scope Mount

This is another quick-detach mount produced in China! We, perhaps more than anybody, like American-made products. However, there are situations when the quality and price do not make sense for American-made firms to create.

QD mounts are low-cost products that have opened the way for low-cost/high-quality producers to join the market and build a dependable, sturdy, and long-lasting equipment.

 They are mostly internet firm that sells on different marketplaces.

Their mounts are made of aircraft-quality aluminum alloy and an anodized matte black finish. It not only looks good but also works well. 

It mounts firmly on any flat-top Picatinny rail and features finger-adjustable clamps. The clamps are quite secure and can adjust the tension to ensure that the scope stays in position when shooting.

Overall, it is a good mount.

11. Midwest Industries QD Mount

Made from anodized hard-coated Aluminum, this Midwest Industries QD mount is meant to endure the harshness of any weather. The mount is very versatile, and it is crafted in the USA.

This mount is built to last and can resist hundreds of rounds. The mount is also finger adjustable, making field modifications simple.

This Midwest Industries mount has an excellent gripping ability, which allows it to be fitted to a wide range of rails. Even with its strong gripping capacity, this mount will not nick or mar the surface of the rail. This mount includes incredibly smooth levers and a lifetime guarantee.

The mount weighs between 7.5 and 8.7 ounces depending on the setup, and it comes in seven different variants. Offering a variety of models is a wonderful strategy for Midwest Industries to remain a dominant player in the mounting market. This QD mount has a maximum objective lens size of 56mm.

12. Bobro Engineering Mount 

The Bobro Engineering Mount has a 30mm ring. It is the last but not least on our list. It is a high-quality QR mount, with cant options of 0 or 20 MOA.

The lever system is a one-of-a-kind system. The lever mechanism requires no human adjustment to establish a good, rock-solid connection to a Picatinny rail. The mount is composed of T6 aluminum and has a type III hard coat matte finish.

The mount weighs only 7.5 ounces. 

The Bobro mount would have been my preferred mount, but the guarantee provided is inadequate in comparison to the price.

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