My reloading process

Finding the right load for your rifle will greatly improve the rifle’s accuracy and do wonders for your confidence.  The load development process is for another article.  For this article I want to focus on the process I currently go through loading my ammunition.  Keep in mind there are lots of different ways to go … Read more

Selecting a barrel

Mark J. Kuczka   11/15/2012 Which barrel manufacturer should I pick? Once you’ve decided on the caliber for your rifle, the next step is picking the barrel. You will have to decide on twist rate, contour, finish length and manufacturer. Before we get into the other criteria, lets start with the manufacturer. There are a lot of … Read more

Aftermarket or factory action?

Mark J. Kuczka   07/18/2012 Which action is the best for my build? What are the advantages of a custom action compared to a Remington 700? These questions get asked a lot. The short answer is that aftermarket actions usually have extra features that would cost more to add to a typical factory action and the aftermarket … Read more