Why buy a custom rifle from Accurate Ordnance?

Mark J. Kuczka   02/15/2012 There are many reasons people want high quality, custom firearms. Some simply enjoy the pride of owning something unique and built specifically for them from components of their choosing. Others appreciate and take advantage of the extreme performance typically found in custom-built rifles. But we think the answer is a bit simpler … Read more

All gunsmiths are equal, right?

Mark J. Kuczka & Jason Nixon   07/25/2011 All gunsmiths aren’t created equal I can say with absolute certainty that our gunsmiths are not just great machinists, they are artists. They are craftsmen. They are extremely talented and skilled with the machines necessary to create an excellent rifle. We aren’t the most expensive guys in town but … Read more

Why we stock the things we stock

Mark J. Kuczka   07/25/2011 Why do you sell [insert product here]? Good question! The answer is that we stock a very selective inventory. Each product we stock we believe is absolutely a best of breed product. To us that means it is designed and built to be as tough as possible, as reliable as it can … Read more