Comments from John on his TMR

John called us in October about one of the rifles listed on our website.  It was one of our Signature Series TMR (Tactical Match Rifle) products chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.  When we sold John the rifle we asked him to keep us posted about how the rifle did for him and things he liked or things he’d change.  We love the positive feedback but can’t grow without the constructive criticism. 

Before we get to the feedback, here is a little about the rifle.


  • Our Stiller Precision-made action with 20-MOA base, 8-40 screws and dual anti-sheer pins
  • Pinned recoil lug
  • Hawk Hill “AO Varmint” contour 1:8 twist barrel, finished 24″, chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Muzzle threaded 5/8×24 with Rugged Suppressors brake
  • Manners T2A stock in GAP camo
  • Manners mini-chassis, skim bedded
  • AO bipod rail
  • Two left-side flush cups
  • Trigger Tech “Diamond” trigger

So, about six weeks after receiving the rifle, here is what John sent us…


Hope you are doing well. We had a nice conversation when I purchased one of your rifles back in late OCT. When we were talking, one of the things you asked was that I follow up regarding what I thought about the rifle.
So far The rifle has 221 rounds down the barrel. The first 220 were over Thanksgiving weekend. I somehow convinced my wife that a 12 hour road trip with our three boys to an isolated ranch in the mountains was the best way to spend the holiday. I really wanted to shoot your rifle, a lot.
I took shots when the wind blew in and was steady 30mph, times when the dust was caking, others when the temp was below freezing, and when it was drizzling. There were shots to over 1,000 yards and under 75. It shot paper, steel and tannerite targets. I took it with us when my boys wanted to go on an adventure tracking old bear prints up a fresh cut road in the snow. It has been into the mountains climbing up rocks and through trees. It got lashed to my saddle when I was trying to put some miles on a couple of young horses (they got a serious sweat). In all of the ridiculousness, the rifle had zero issues. It fed, chambered, fired, and ejected perfectly every single time I pulled the trigger. Seriously, I’ve never owned a rifle that felt so sturdy. For some reason I instinctually handle most firearms as if they are family heirlooms or really high tech gadgets. Your rifle felt like a tool specifically made to be used. Like the woodworking equivalent of a chisel (essential, durable, precise). 
I’m not a precision shooting match guy (but am intrigued), don’t have any shooting credentials and I certainly don’t have any reputation in any community to influence others. I just like to hunt and carry a rifle when I’m in the mountains and pretending to be a cowboy.
Last weekend the rifle took it’s first animal. Among the hunting group, it earned consensus “most impressive performer”. 
In January I’m taking it on a drawn Aoudad hunt on the Devils River. I’ve got some serious confidence shooting that gun. It is the finest firearm I’ve handled.

Thank you,

Thank YOU, John, for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.  We can’t tell you how great it feels to know we made you happy.  We hope the rifle gives you many years of happiness.