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How To Measure Scope Ring Height

Finding the correct size of scope ring for a rifle scope is very important for shooters, and it ensures a more relaxing and precise shot. However, this might be a difficult task to accomplish because there are so many mounting systems out there to choose from. Asides from that, different scope ring manufacturers have various ways of labeling their goods; as a result, this can bring about some inconsistency identification of the right scope ring size among shooters. 

How To Measure Scope Ring Height

Fortunately, we’ve simplified the whole process with this guide to make it easy and quick. So continue reading if you’re searching for a reliable system for getting the exact ring height measurements before you buy or mount your scope rings. Let us help you find out how to measure scope ring height.

How do you measure the height of a scope ring?

There are two methods for determining a scope height. The first is by using a ruler to measure the space between the bolt housing center and the scope’s center. The second method for measuring scope height is to use a digital caliper to measure the bolt diameter’s back and divide it by two to get the radius.

What Is the Importance of Scope Ring Height?

Having the right scope height is critical for a number of reasons. Firstly, if the rifle scope is mounted too high, it will affect the accuracy of your shots substantially because you will not be able to maintain a comfortable cheek weld and this will further make it difficult for you to see a clear image of your target through the scope. A scope ring that is too high will make you position your face in an awkward manner while trying to aim at the targets.

In extreme situations, the scope may be positioned so low that it begins to touch the rifle barrel, putting strain on your optic and potentially ruining the scope.

Second, incorrect scope height can cause parallax issues, resulting in “ghosting”  or a black halo appearance around the lenses, making target acquisition difficult. It may also obstruct bolt clearance.

Finally, whether you are a precision shooter or prefer long-range shooting, knowing the height of your scope is a vital aspect in practically every ballistics app’s calculations.

How Do I Determine Scope Height?

Simply said, scope height is the gap between the center lines of your rifle barrel and the scope. So, how would you measure the height? There is a simple and more precise way to measure your scope height.

The simple approach requires just one measurement: measure the distance between the bolt housing center and your scope center with a ruler. This might not be the most precise measurement, but it is good enough unless you’re attempting to make the scope setup as precise as possible or extracting every single bit of performance from the bench rest rifle.

Here are some steps you can take for a more precise measuring method:

Steps for Measuring Scope Ring Height

Once you have your scope height, you can measure the minimum distance that the center line of your scope must be above the bore. Then, your next aim is to locate the combination of scope mount and scope ring that is a little bit taller than the height of your scope. For instance, if the height of your scope is 25mm, you’ll need a scope ring and scope base combo that measures at least 26mm.

Bear in mind that we have two frequently used ways for measuring ring height, and in order to accurately measure scope ring height, you must first discover which method is being utilized by that specific firm. The easiest and most popular approach is to measure from the base of the ring to the center of the ring. 

If the sum of your base and ring heights is greater than the scope height, you’re set to go!

Some riflescope ring makers, however, measure from the base to the ring edge, which requires a bit more calculating. When putting the base and ring heights together, add 12.7mm to the total if you have a scope with a 1-inch main tube diameter. If the scope has a 30mm main tube diameter, then you have to add 15mm. 

30mm scope ring

Selecting the Best Rings

Choosing the correct scope rings and bases is dependent on several aspects, including the mounting platform used by your rifle, receiver height, the size of your scope, and the scope ring height that you want to use.

As a rule of thumb, the sort of rings you purchase will be determined by the mounting style of the rifle. Weaver rings are used in conjunction with a weaver rail. A dovetail ring can only match a dovetail base. A Picatinny rail, on the other hand, is compatible with most rings and accessories you’re likely to come across.

You have to know the scope height and scope tube diameter when calculating scope size. Most manufacturers have alternatives that accept all the major tube diameters, so the actual issue is to ensure that you have enough capacity to contain the objective lens – especially if you intend to use flip-up lens covers.

Unfortunately, here is where things may become complicated. Scope rings are classified into 3 major heights. they are low rings, medium rings, and higher rings, and these values can vary greatly between manufacturers. That means you should check the manufacturer’s webpage to see whether they offer specific parameters, or be prepared to undertake some trial and error.

Some scope ring sets, thankfully, give their exact height measurements, making it easier to determine how much room you’ll need for your scope. It’s desirable to choose the lowest possible rings to reduce the distance between the point of aim and your bore.


How High Off The Barrel Should A Scope Be Mounted?

There is no specific distance; ensure your scope bell has objective clearance. Many shooters are unaware of how far away from the barrel they need to mount their riflescope. This might be perplexing because there are several aspects to consider while setting up a scope. 

There are three important aspects to consider when deciding on the scope height you should use and how far your scope should be from the barrel: field of vision (FOV), eye relief, and magnification.

The height affects Eye relief which is the distance between the shooter’s eye and the scope’s eyepiece. 

Can A Rifle Be Mounted Too High?

Yes, It is possible to have your scope mounted too high. When a scope is placed too high, the shooter will lose sight. This is especially problematic when utilizing variable magnification scopes since an increase in magnification can make a person lose sight down the barrel.

Does Height Influence Accuracy?

No, it does not have a direct effect on accuracy. The accuracy of the weapon is determined by your holding posture and how effectively your scope is installed. However, height can affect your shooting posture. If you are not comfortable shooting because of the inconvenient scope height, your overall shooting might be affected. You cannot expect an uncomfortable shooter to always hit the bullseye or be as precise as they should be

Can The Scope Make Contact With The Rifle Barrel?

That is a big no, pal. In reality, this will undoubtedly damage your scope, because the pressure applied will, without a doubt, change the harmonics of the barrel in some manner. Ensure there is enough clearance. If the scope touches the barrel, it will affect the zero and your overall shooting accuracy.

Is it OK to lap a scope ring?

Yes, it is occasionally advised to users seeking peak performance. It helps to align the rings and enhances surface contact between your scope tube and the rings.

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