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{TOP 7} Best M1A Scope Mount Reviews (2023 Updated)

The M1A is a reliable semi-automatic rifle that has garnered popularity due to its accuracy and precision. Adding the correct scope mount to this weapon will undoubtedly showcase and enhance its capabilities. If you’re looking for the best M1A scope mount, we’ve put together this list to assist you in deciding the one that is a good match for your handgun. Sit tight, and we unravel the best scope mount for the M1A rifle.

Best M1A Scope Mount Reviews

Springfield M1A Rifle Platform

The Springfield Armory M1A rifle is one of its most well-known weapons. It’s a terrific alternative for anyone searching for a more powerful weapon than the .223. The M1A comes with 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester possibilities, so you’re sure to take shots with above lightweight cartridges.

One of the challenges of the M1A rifle is that it is not immediately evident how to attach a scope when you glance at the weapon.  Unlike AR-15 rifle platform, which is a robust and strong platform that normally comes with a top rail on the upper receiver used for attaching a mounting hardware. ,

How would you install an optic on your M1A? Just get a good M1A scope mount. If you need a good M1A rifle scope after adding your scope mount, then you can check this article on the Best M1A rifle scope.

The M1A is regarded as a high-end, extensively tested, dependable, and steady rifle platform for shooting higher caliber rifles.

Aside from that, the M1A is not usually seen as a beginner’s rifle; this rifle is more expensive and very difficult to personalize to individual taste, but the moment you can have it set up, you’ll hardly find something better.

The M1A rifle is intended for highly experienced shooters that use their firearms very often.

So, what is there to learn about M1A mounts in order to choose the best one? There’s so much to learn about this rifle and mount. We’ll go through some of our favorites, but before that, we’ll look at the major factors to consider while looking for an M1A scope mount that is a decent scope mount.

M1A Recoil

An M1A will punch you harder when compared to an AR-15 rifle or any other weapon chambered in .223. This is not to say that it has the power of a 12-gauge shotgun; however, the recoil of this rifle is a major cause of optical failure, especially when attaching a rifle scope to a 6.5 Creedmoor or 308.

You must ensure that the scope, mounting hardware, and mount you are using are all compatible and can withstand the amount of recoil released for a long time.

The majority of the scope mounts you’ll find are made of aluminum alloy or steel. Aluminum is lightweight, which can be beneficial or detrimental depending on what it is used for and how you use it. Some scope mounts also contain aviation-grade aluminum.

While there are real worries about aluminum’s long-term robustness and stability, the finest M1A scope mounts we’ll offer below have been demonstrated to perform admirably. 

M1A mounts are divided into two categories: high-end, highly secure, battle-ready variants that are also very expensive and less durable ones that are less expensive. One item to consider is the number of mounting points you can use to attach the mount to the rifle.

These mounting points can be easily screwed (screw holes) or just areas where a dovetail mount fits in snugly. Some scope mounts have only one contact point, while others (such as the Sadlak) have up to 12 points of contact.

Redundancy is essential for long-term durability and stability. Scope mounts with only 1 to 3 contact points on the rifle are better suited for casual or beginner shooters that do not take on distant or heavy shooting.

M1A Installation Procedure

M1A scope mounts have separate installation procedures. Less durable scope mounts offer the simplest installation technique, but stronger and more durable scope mounts are more difficult and require a longer time to properly install on the rifle.

You may decide to buy any mount you wish to get and take the mount and rifle to a skillful gunsmith. However, if your budget is looking a little thin after purchasing the M1A rifle, M1A scope mount, and a sight to go with them, you might be considering mounting it yourself.

If you’re used to customizing rifles outside of the AR platform’s plug-and-play method, the installation won’t be too tough; just follow the installation guide.

Fitting a scope mount entails disassembling the rifle, inserting the M1A mount, and reassembling it.

Every single version of the M1A scope mount requires this kind of installation method.

If you want to handle the installation yourself, ensure you have all the tools that will be needed to accomplish the task, so you don’t run out of tools halfway.

Most M1A scope mounts come with an installation guide, but the quality of instructions might vary, so take your time and completely understand the procedure before diving in.

You can read this article on how to mount a scope.

Okay, let’s check the recommended mounts. Here are our top 7 picks:

Things to Consider Before Purchasing an M1A Scope Mount


Look for a scope mount that is built to last and be accurate. Aesthetics is simply for pleasing the eyes, which might be beneficial sometimes, but it shouldn’t be prioritized over durability. Always ensure that the mount is one that will help you improve accuracy and precision.

Installation is simple

Nobody wants a complicated installation unless you’re willing to accept probable scratches while trying to attach your scope. Many people will prefer the ease of installation of a mount to getting one that is complicated to install.


Normally, extra weight for a mount means durability, which translates to longer usage; however, this also translates to an extra weight on the shooter’s shoulder. Many shooters prefer a mount that is lightweight, especially if they’re going to be hunting with the rifle. If the weapon is exclusively utilized at a shooting range, the weight won’t be a big deal.

Outdoor shooting will be a whole different matter. That’s why some people avoid solid steel structures.

Material Used

Choosing high-quality material is essential while looking for the best M1A scope. The most common materials used are steel and aluminum. Going all steel will offer you a durable mount, but the disadvantage will be the weight. Products made of aviation-grade aluminum are the finest choice since they are both lightweight and durable.

Rail System

The sort of rail you choose will be determined by how you want to use your weapon. Normally, your choices would be Picatinny or weaver rail, but some now choose others like M-LOK, Dovetail rail, and KeyMod.


Some scope mounts can maintain a perfect zero when you remove the scope and remount it. This is one element to consider when selecting mounts since a mount with difficulty in returning to zero will be a disadvantage.

M1A Variations 

The finest M1A mount can be permanent or removable. If you have many weapons, you’ll need to choose the detachable version to allow room for other firearms; nonetheless, as adaptable as this is, this variant is not as sturdy as the fixed M1A mount.


A decent M1A mount will increase the accuracy of the shooter. That’s why you must select the greatest alternative available. Choose a robust and durable mount that can hold your scope without movement after it is installed.

Brand Reputation 

Reputation is a key consideration when looking for the finest riflescope mounts. Even though reputation is a useful starting point for making a selection, different mount models perform differently.

Reputation can be a useful indicator if the brand’s products are consistent, as well as checking on comments from other consumers.


The price of your preferred M1A mount will be determined by the materials used and how effectively it is built. High-quality items cannot be made from low-quality materials. Although we have some great items at lesser rates in the market, it is still a good idea to confirm other purchasers’ experiences.

There are various low-cost Chinese M1A mounts, but you must be cautious about the ones you choose. 

Saving a few dollars upfront may result in you ripping your wallet as you hammer and file the components to fit properly and even re-drill holes.


Rings are designed to complement bases. Even so, you should double-check compatibility before purchasing a mount.

It is critical to select the proper ring height. An M1A stock is often equipped with a low comb designed to be used with the aperture sight. As a result, when a scope mount, an optic, and a ring is attached to it, it should sit high enough on the bore axis. 

Vertical split and Horizontal split rings are the two types. Vertical rings are generally stronger because each half-ring is directly attached to the scope’s base. They are, however, a little tough to install. The horizontal rings are simple to put in place. The upper part clamps on the scope, while the lower half attaches straight to your base.

Weaver scope rings are the most popular today in terms of style. Whatever type and design you go with, make sure it keeps your mount and scope flat with the M1A.

Best M1A Scope Mount Detail Reviews

1. Sadlak Industries M1A Airborne Scope Mount (Steel)

The first scope mount on our list of best M1A mounts is the Sadlk mount made by Sadlak Industries. The Sadlack mount is a name that needs little introduction for those that have been in the mounting industry for a long. This scope mont brand is a specialized brand that has been operating for over 2 decades and has only focused on two unique gun platforms: the AR and M1A.

For the sake of this article, we’re more interested in their M1A line of scope mount. The Sadlak mount brand is a corporation that follows through on its promises of delivering quality hardware to its customers.

Mike Sadlak founded the firm in 1989, and in less than a decade, it had become well-known for its gas blocks and mounts. Their selection is currently limited, but this allows them to focus on the quality of the mounts they produce. So if you’re looking for the best M1A scope mounts, you should consider this Sadlak mount.

The very first thing we observed about this M1A Airborne scope mount was that it was built in the United States. When it comes to product manufacture, we absolutely prefer things made in the United States. Sadlak Industries is a manufacturer, and they make all of their mounts in-house.

Sadlak Industries Lightweight mount is a great example of high-quality craftsmanship. After using this scope mount, it’s easy to see why Sadlak has earned a reputation for producing high-quality items.

It is made of a solid chrome-moly steel bar, making it a light but exceptionally strong scope mount. The sturdy build lets it withstand recoil with ease, and its modest weight makes it convenient to carry in a kit bag.

It weighs an incredible 9.0 oz, but keep in mind that you are receiving a product that is exactly solid, if not stronger, than any other aluminum mount on the market, but at a far lower weight.

The Sadlak Lightweight Airborne scope mount has 3 points of contact when fitted on the rifle. This mount is ideal for shooting while on the move. You don’t want a situation whereby you’re fully pumped up to take a shot when you spot the ideal target, only to hoist your rifle and discover your scope has moved out of place.

The scope mount rail (Picatinny) of the Sadlak Lightweight Airborne mount was built to work with the majority of the rifle scope mount rings available, so you may experiment to discover your favorite one. 

The advantage of having a Picatinny scope mount rail is that it can match any weaver rail mounting hardware, allowing you to pick and choose any scope at that time or one that is more suited for the kind of shooting you’re performing.

Fitting Sadlak Industries riflescope mounts is a simple task; however, we recommend reading the instructions. You must ensure that it is evenly fitted. Once placed, it will hold zero for an extended period of time, even including when you store it for a long time. If you remove it from your rifle platform, you’ll have to reset it when you reconnect it to the rifle again.

2. Springfield Armory M1A 4th Generation Scope Mount

The next best scope mount for the M1A weapon is this Generation 4 scope mount by  Springfield Armory. Since 1777, the Springfield Armory brand has been in existence. If you are conversant with history, you’ll realize how much of the United States of America’s past is linked to the Springfield Armory.

The Armory has been producing muskets and has been a pioneer in the guns business. Springfield Armory was closed by the government in 1968, and not until 1974 that the young Reese family acquired and saved not just the name of the company but also their values.

The Springfield M1A 4th Generation Scope Mount is a tough and dependable piece of equipment. It is built of a single-piece aluminum that is strong, secure, and trustworthy for any scope mount.

It’s not the lightest mount on the list, but it is very light and won’t weigh you down when you go out hunting or strolling with your rifle. It weighs about 1.15lbs.

The Springfield M1A rifle has 3 contact points when fitted, making it a fairly secure alternative. The 3 screws secure it and provide good stability when you are shooting.

If you’re an on-the-go hunter, the Springfield M1A will hold your scope in place as you move through thick forests, making you have one less thing to worry about during your hunt because the worst thing that can happen to any hunter is when he has to zero the mount before each shot. 

You cannot zero a mount when you are already close to your target. There would be no time and space to try zeroing.

It has a Picatinny rail style, which is great for those who collect scopes for every occasion. Because a Picatinny rail and a Weaver rail are somewhat interchangeable, this Springfield mount will last you for years and increase usability because of its versatility.

The Springfield M1A is simple to assemble, but we recommend reading the directions to ensure you build it properly. You will not obtain a nice grouping with this mount unless you acquire a totally flat-mount.

All the directions and equipment required to install this mount are included. When it comes to shooting accuracy and precision, this is a good mount. It can withstand any recoil and will not lose its zero. However, if you remove it, you have to zero again when you replace it.

3. M1SURPLUS Mount 

If you are looking for a good lightweight scope mount with an incredibly low price, then you should try the M1SURPLUS riflescope mounts. 

Although it is not the greatest scope mount in terms of quality, it serves its purpose adequately without adding excessive weight, and it is very tough and strong. I doubt you can ever hit this mount hard enough for it to change its zero without also shattering the scope.

This M1A mount is unquestionably a keeper. It is small, inexpensive, and effective.

The M1Surplus mounts are significantly lighter than Springfield Armory mounts. It weighed around 5 ounces.

It is just so light that you’d think it’d break at some point, but it never fails. To properly mount it, follow the comprehensive directions for this mounting hardware, and tighten the forward screws slowly. Hand tight is all required; they only need contact to maintain a solid scope mount.

I’d also recommend you use Loctite on the screws to prevent them from loosening out. If you do this, you will not have trouble using it as the most suitable scope mount for your M1A rifle.

The mount is highly durable, although it is not the toughest aluminum structure on the block, it’ll do the job well. When dialing in this M1A mount in preparation for the hunting season, I scraped the finish mistakenly, but the mount was still able to give me results, so it has earned a battle scar of glory. 

Still, I’m cautious with this rifle and mount combo. I mounted a cheap optic on the mount since I bought this specific M1A, and I appreciate having a ” low budget” alternative for my M1A.

The mount remains very solid as long as you fasten the screws carefully and the Picatinny rail is properly installed.

Overall, it’s been a reliable scope mount, and the scope zero has been constant since I’ve been using it. There are no issues.

For the price, the M1SURPLUS mount is a hidden treasure.

The materials used for the mount are of high quality. The finish is fairly okay but not scratch-proof, and it securely mounts M1A receivers. You can also use it as an M14 scope mount, but using this mount on an M14 rifle will need some gunsmithing.

Look no further than this M1Surplus mount for a lightweight, dependable mount on a low budget.

4. Sadlak M1A Aluminum Airborne

The Sadlak appears twice on our list because they have various models of the same fundamental design that are both wonderful for different reasons. 

Sadlak Industries was founded by Mike Sadlak. This is one of the few firms that can declare they designed their entire product line around the needs of a certain type of weapon. They identified and focused on a specific rifle niche.

For many years, Sadlak Industries has designed, manufactured, and sold a variety of riflescope mounts specifically for the M1A rifle. Although some shooters claim that they have used this M1A mount as an M14 scope mount, you will need a gunsmith to work on your M14 rifle for it to match.  

Sadlak Industries’ concentration on M1A scope mounts allowed them to develop their craft on that particular mount and become a reputable supplier of M1A components.

This M1A Aluminum Mount by Sadlak Industries is an amazing rifle-shooting accessory. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and is one piece. The scope weighs about 4.3 oz. This is light enough to be carried around on a long day of hunting.

The aircraft-quality aluminum is a strong, lightweight, and long-lasting material that is ideal for on-the-go shooting. It has a durable black anodized finish that looks beautiful and will not scratch or easily get damaged.

It is 5-7/16″ in length and 1 3/4″ in breadth. It has a three-point clamping mechanism.

Because of the 3-point clamp design, this is an extremely sturdy scope mount that will not swing, wiggle, or easily move. So, whether you’re out hunting or in the range, you won’t have to reset the zero except you remove and replace the mount.

The Picatinny rail may be utilized with weaver-style fittings, making it extremely durable. When you want to change your scope, you won’t need to change the rail. It includes all of the components, fixes, and tools needed to set up and starts shooting right away.

We do recommend that you read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you acquire the right product.

5. GGG Scout Squad Scope Mount

GGG offers a reasonably priced mount that allows particular M1A owners to mount their optics.

Since the GGG scout scope mount was particularly intended for use with M1A rifles, it has to be considered the ideal M1A mount for M1A Scout Squad or SOCOM II rifle owners.

The mount was CNC machined from light and strong 6061-T6 aluminum. It is available in black with a non-reflective finish and Type III anodized hard coat. The smoothed/rounded edges improve your safety and add to the quality of the mount.

With this scope mount, the choice is entirely yours. You can choose a magnified optic or a red dot sight with plenty eye relief.

It is totally compatible with M1A guns that have a cutout factory top handguard. 

You can have a low-profile, simple installation. The mount is secured to your weapon’s barrel with 8 clamping screws (instead of the usual 6 screws). Shooters will notice improved steadiness and accuracy as a result of the number of clamps. You should also note that the installation does not need any weapon modifications.

The GGG Scout Scope Mount has a low profile and may extend backward to the receiver. This implies that “Scout” type scopes may be easily installed and controlled.

A weight-saving center channel is incorporated, allowing hunters to choose the factory-installed iron sight. You’ll also like the 7-inch MIL-STD1913 Picatinny rail provided. This high-quality mount fits well with your firearm and has a seamless, integrated appearance. To round off the package, GG&G includes a lifetime guarantee with purchase.

6. UTG Deluxe Scope Mount

The UTG brand has been in business since 1992, but not with this name. Previously known as Leapers INC. The brand is well-known in the hunting and shooting industries for producing high-quality, long-lasting, and reasonably priced shooting and hunting equipment.

They manufacture optics, mounting hardware, bipods, and other items. The amazing thing about the UTG brand is that they constantly act on client suggestions. They even make new items as a result of consumer requests.

As previously said, one of the most noticeable aspects of hunting and shooting equipment is where they’re manufactured. UTG is made in the United States. They opted to relocate their operations to the United States and have developed tremendously.

The UTG mount is constructed from a single piece of aircraft-quality aluminum, making it very durable. It is a very light scope mount, weighing roughly 5.7 oz. It is ideal for on-the-go shooting. Despite its low weight, it’s a tough piece of equipment.

It has a matte black finish, and it is designed to military standards. It is 6″ long and is made of  15 Picatinny rail compatible slots, as well as compatibility with weaver rings and others.

It features a see-through construction, so you may use your original iron sight; this is a very adaptable scope mount choice, and it will last for a long time.

This scope mount is both inexpensive and versatile. When shopping for the best scope mount, it’s a good idea to get one that can accommodate a variety of rings and scopes. You will most certainly use many scopes during your rifle life. Having to repurchase mounts every single time you upgrade or need a new sight for various shooting applications may be inconvenient and costly.

The UTG mount is really easy to use. It features locking points all the way around the side plate. It works with adjustable screws to quickly and conveniently zero the scope.

It contains rear-end locking and a charging guide dovetail, as well as a rubber rail guard and everything else you need to set up the mount and start shooting. You can make it a low or high profile, and owing to the locking points; it remains sturdy without sacrificing stability.

When you’ve zeroed this scope mount, you shouldn’t notice any shaking or sliding when shooting. However, keep in mind that this is not a quick-release mount, so if you take it off,  you must zero again.

7. Aim Sports M1A Scope Mount 

Another low-cost alternative is the AIM Sports mount, which is an excellent low-cost choice for people who wish to get back to fundamentals. This M1A mount, with its traditional rugged style and standard rail, allows shooters to spend less.

This mounting hardware, made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum, can handle the task of mounting your scope securely and without difficulty. This is because it provides a stable platform for scopes, allowing them to remain steady throughout. The black anodized finish is constructed of aluminum and has a sleek design to endure exposure to the outdoors.

Another advantage of this mount is that it can accommodate any weaver mount.

You will undoubtedly find it quite an excellent solution for your cherished M1A after doing the little fitting necessary to connect it with your specific weapon.

Beginners should avoid this mount because you may need to put a lot of work into customizing it to your specifications.


How tightly should a scope base be screwed?

Tighten the screws of your scope base according to the suggested torque of your base manufacturer or – around 15-18in. lbs. Keep the spaces on both ring sides in mind while mounting horizontal split rings, and try to keep them properly spaced.

What type of scope mount do the military use?

The Picatinny mount was redesigned by military personnel. Picatinny mounts and Weaver mounts are fundamentally different because a Picatinny mount is constructed to exact specifications and tolerances. 

What is an M1A’s effective range?

The M1A works adequately at 600 yards but begins to suffer beyond 1000 yards. It is easy to say that they are not effective long range weapons.

Is the M1A an effective hunting firearm?

Some bolt-action weapons outperform the M1A in terms of range. It may be slightly heavier compared to other guns. Nonetheless, it is a great hunting firearm but not so good for long range shots.

Is the M1A an effective sniper rifle?

No. It is an average Rifle. Sniper rifles are precise weapons designed to kill targets with one shot at long distances. 

Which is more dependable, the M1A or the AR-10?

An AR-10 rifle is more accurate, lighter, and less difficult to maintain than AR-15 rifle. It would take a lot of effort to shoot an M1A consistently, and maintaining accuracy is very difficult. In contrast, the AR-10 is exceedingly simple to maintain accuracy.

What is the M1A such an excellent weapon?

It is accurate, enables rapid follow-up shots, is quite dependable, and accommodates optics with ease. Springfield’s M1A is a civilian-modified re-creation of the classic M14 rifle. 

Can I use my M1A to shoot .308?

The M1A may fire NATO 7.62mmx51mm rounds or 308 Springfield ammunition. 

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