We offer a variety of coating services including parkerizing and heat-cured finishes, such as Cerakote. We are a Certified Cerakote Applicator. We only use the highest quality products and application process for long-lasting, durable and aesthetically pleasing results. A quality finish doesn’t just look good, it protects your investment from the elements. Let us put a quality finish on your next project.

If you want a proper coating, let us give you a quote. We coat other items not listed here.

Some projects may require a disassembly and re-assembly fee. We’ll tell you that when we quote your project.

This is a partial price list of the more popular items we frequently coat. Feel free to contact us for a price estimate on anything you don’t see here.

AR upper (stripped) – $75
AR lower (stripped) – $75
AR forend/rail – $100
AR forend/tubular – $50
AR buffer tube – $20
AR Receiver Small Parts – $50
Barrel – $100
Bolt Action (e.g. R700) barreled action – $200
Bolt Action Base – $40
Brake – $30
Glock or 1911 Frame – $75
Glock or 1911 Slide – $75
1911 small parts – $100
Rifle Magazine – $40
Scope Rings – $60
Rifle Stock (one color) – $125
Rifle Stock (three colors, some patterns) – $225
Scope – $175
Suppressor – $50
Shotgun (870 or similar; one color) – $225

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