Chambered AI and Ruger Precision Rifle barrels

WE ARE A CUSTOM SHOP! We have hundreds of barrels in stock. We can make you the drop-in fit barrel you want in whatever caliber, twist rate, barrel contour, etc. The barrels listed here are NOT the only pre-fits we offer. Please contact us to discuss exactly what you need!

These are chambered and fit replacement barrels for Accuracy International rifles and Ruger Precision Rifles. These start as 416R SS hand-lapped blanks. We chamber them on our HAAS TL-1 CNC lathe to exacting tolerances. The barrels are then cut to length, crowned and threaded 5/8×24 (standard) to a 2A spec. We make a custom-fit, knurled thread protector. The barrels and thread protectors are then Cerakote finished for a protective and aesthetically pleasing finish. Each barrel is laser engraved with the manufacturer of the blank, caliber and twist rate.

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