8-40 Threads for Base




Standard Remington 700 and similar receivers use 6-48 screws to attach scope bases/mounts.  Most aftermarket receivers use stronger 8-40 screws.  The 8-40 screws can take more torque to keep the base/mount as tight as possible.  Some mass-produced factory actions can have base holes that are not in proper alignment with the bore line.  The best fix for this issue is to open the holes to the larger 8-40 pattern.

So, if your receiver needs larger 8-40 screws to fix an alignment issue or if you just want the peace of mind of having the tighter screws, we can open the receiver for 8-40 pattern screws.

Price does not include opening holes in base/mount if needed.  Price assumes four holes and can be adjusted if more or less holes need to be drilled.