MARS, 6XC, Brown Recluse Camo PRS-1 (AO-0121)




This is a pretty darn cool version of our elite MARS rifle. It is chambered in 6XC with a 25″ finished barrel. The barreled action is coated in our custom “Spider Monkey” green blend to best match the stock.  The stock on this is a Manners PRS-1 with adjustable cheek piece in the our “Brown Recluse” (yeah, we came up with this pattern; first ever was on Woody’s competition rifle) camo.

Barrel on this is a Rock Creek “AO Varmint” contour with 1:7.5 twist.  The muzzle is threaded 5/8×24 and we installed a Rugged Suppressor 3-port brake.  The brake can be removed to allow use of other devices.  However, we suggest you take a strong look at using one of our favorite suppressors – the Rugged Razor, Surge or (my favorite) Micro-30.

All our MARS rifles feature a barrel blank that we finish hand lapping. We pick the straightest blanks possible with least amount of runout, with check the barrel for any tight or loose spots, then we finish hand lapping in-house. Bottom line, with this rifle you will have the best possible barrel that will perform outstandingly well and clean up easy.

The MARS receiver is made for us by Defiance Machine to our specs. It has an integral recoil lug and integral 20-MOA base. The bolt knob is our grooved-knob for super fast working of that bolt!  On this rifle we installed a Timney Calvin Elite trigger and set it to a crisp, clean 1 pound 6.1 ounces.  Yes, it is user adjustable.

Stock has the Henderson Precision “Universal” ARCA rail for quick attachment and adjustment of a bipod, tripod and other popular ARCA-based accessories.  There are also two flush cups installed on the left side of the stock.  The cheek is adjustable for height.

The bottom metal is a Manners mini-chassis that we have skim bed.  The rifle accepts standard AI-pattern magazines.  A 5-round magazine is included.  We do stock 5 and 10 round magazines plus extenders if you want more.

Remember, we sell accessories and range gear you might need too!  Check out our bipods, magazines, and range gear.