Barrel Install (Standard Calibers)



Installing a new barrel on a bolt-action receiver includes cutting the barrel to desired length, chambering, threading the chamber end of the barrel to precise tolerances for fit with the receiver, proper timing, and engraving.

Cutting a crown is $50. Threading the muzzle is $100 and includes cutting the crown.

We use only the highest quality match reamers to cut our chambers.  We can optionally cut a custom throat if needed. Some custom throats may have a slight additional charge.

All our barrels are chambered on a state of the art HAAS TL-1 CNC lathe.  We only use the highest quality finish reamers, most of which are carbide for long, consistent life.  We flood the barrel with a high pressure coolant while chamber reaming to protect the barrel and tools from heat and also to flush the chips away from the reamer’s cutting surfaces.  We polish the chamber before it leaves the lathe.  You won’t find a smoother chamber than the one we cut.

Barrel installation does not include any other receiver work, such as truing a receiver, lapping lugs, etc.

Barrel blank sold separately.  We do stock a LOT of barrels so be sure to contact us to discuss what top quality blanks we have on the shelf.

This is for a “standard caliber” barrel chamber which means any caliber up to 338.  Costs to chamber 338 and larger barrels may be slightly higher.  Contact us to discuss details and pricing.