Beretta 21a Threading

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The Beretta 21a 22lr pistols make fantastic little suppressor hosts.  The only problem is they are a challenge to thread!  First of all, the barrel is too small for .5×28 threads.  And there isn’t much barrel past the front sight.  To make matters worse, removing the barrel for threading is a challenge for most people who don’t have the proper tools to best support the receiver to prevent damage.

We tackle this project first by having the proper tools to remove the barrel and re-install.  Once we have the barrel in our CNC lathe, we can thread the tiny barrel a fine metric thread.  We then fit one of our custom adapters to the barrel and black Locktite it in place so you don’t need to worry about it coming off when removing a tight suppressor.

The external surface of the thread adapter is threaded .5×28 to a 2A spec.  It comes with a custom fit knurled thread protector.

Our barrel threading and adapter are 100% concentric so you don’t need to worry about baffle or end cap strikes.

As a side note, since these cool little pistols come without an ejector and eject cases through just blow back, the addition of the suppressor improves ejection by adding a little to that back pressure.  My personal 21A went from about 85% reliable ejecting to flawless once I started running with a suppressor.

And another note about sights…  Yes, the suppressor blocks the sights.  Shoot with both eyes open (as you should anyway) and you’ll be amazed how easy it is to still accurately aim the pistol.  Go Google “occluded eye aiming” if you don’t believe us.  😉

Of course, pistol NOT included.