Bolt knob installation




Many competition and target shooters appreciate the benefits of having a slightly over-sized bolt knob on their bolt-action rifle. Even hunters are finding out that working the over-sized knobs is easier when wearing gloves or in inclement conditions. We install bolt knobs by first milling down the factory bolt knob. We then thread the bolt handle 5/16×24, which is the common thread pitch for most aftermarket bolt knobs, like the Badger. We then locktite the new knob in place.

Price does not include cost of the bolt knob. We stock several popular kinds of knobs.

Voids are not uncommon in many factory bolt handles. This is particularly true of factory Remington bolt handles. The way we cut threads onto the bolt handle does not compromise structural integrity of the handle even if voids are found. Some other gunsmiths choose to drill out the handle and insert a rod-type extension into the drilled hole. The extension is then threaded to be the interface to the new knob. We feel the way we install the knobs is a structurally stronger design. What we can say is that we’ve installed thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) of knobs over the last several years and have never had one break. All Accurate Ordnance associates are using aftermarket bolt knobs we’ve installed.