MARS Comp; 6.5 Creedmoor (AO-0096)

$4,038.99 $3,433.14


This is one of our MARS Comp rifles chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.  It is setup ideally for PRS/NRL style competitions.  Or, just fun at the range!

We start with our MARS receiver, which is made for us by Defiance Machine.  It is essentially a “Deviant” with an integral 20-MOA scope base and integral recoil lug.  It also features a one-piece bolt body, tactical style bolt knob, side bolt release and all the other cool features you’ve come to expect from a Defiance receiver.  We then lap the lugs on the receiver for perfect and consistent contact.

The barrel is hand picked from our inventory and lapped to improve the surface finish of the barrel (which is beyond what barrel MFGs do in trying to simply remove tooling marks).  The barrel is a Rock Creek 1:8 twist in our “AO Varmint” contour, which is Rock’s “Sendero” contour.  We finished this barrel at 24″ and threaded the muzzle 5/8×24.  We added our favorite Area419 “Hellfire” brake.  This brake is incredible effective at reducing recoil but also easy to remove and re-install to use a suppressor, for cleaning, etc.

The chassis is our hands down favorite for competition….the MPA BA-Comp.  We wanted this one to look a little different, so we coated it something special.  😉  The barreled action was done in Cerakote’s Graphite Blac.  The chassis includes the removable barricade stop.  Chassis has the machined-in ARCA rail, adjustable cheek, adjustable LOP, bag rider and NV bridge.  This is the perfect chassis for competition.

For the trigger we installed a Trigger Tech “Diamond” and set just over 1#.  Easily user adjustable!

The rifle comes with a 10-round AI-pattern magazine and accepts all AI-pattern mags.

Remember, we also have extra magazines, bipods, scope rings, and everything else you might need to go shoot a match.  😉