MARS Stalker, 6.5-284, Black Forest (AO-0138)

$4,445.99 $3,779.99


This is a slight twist on one of our Signature Series Classic Hunter “Stalker” rifles.  We built this one with one of our MARS Hunter receivers and used a light-weight Proof Research carbon wrapped barrel.  This beautiful rifle only weighs 7# 5.6 ounces and balances perfectly.  Plus, it’s just cool!   Specs as follows…

Our Defiance-made “MARS Hunter” receiver
Receiver has integral lug, integral 20-MOA base, side bolt release, fluted bolt, M16 style extractor
Proof Research “Sendero” contour 1:8 twist barrel; finished 24″
Elk Meadows three-port brake
Manners EH1 stock in Black Forest camo
Two left side flush cups, bipod rail
Hawkins Precision BDL floor assembly
Pillar bedded
Timney’s new “Elite Hunter” trigger set to 1# 12.6 oz (but IS adjustable if you want a heavier weight!)

We coated the barreled action and bottom metal in our custom blend “Spider Monkey” green to best match the green in the Manners stock.