Replacement barrel for AI AT rifle, 6mm Creedmoor

$875.00 $650.00



This is a chambered, ready to install replacement barrel for the Accuracy International AT (and similar) rifle system. The barrel is chambered on our HAAS TL-1 CNC lathe, threaded 5/8×24, laser engraved and Cerakote finished. Click main picture for more pictures.

Caliber: 6mm Creedmoor

PLEASE NOTE: The 6mm Creedmoor is still a “wildcat” cartridge and is not yet listed with SAAMI.  Until the recent release of Hornady factory ammo the only other “factory” ammo was available through custom ammo shops, like Copper Creek.  Our experience with the new Hornady 108-ELD ammo is that the bearing of the bullet is longer and further forward than that of the Berger 105 Hybrid.  Until now most of our customers opted for 105 hybrids or something similar for this caliber.  Our default chamber is cut optimally for 105 hybrids.  If you want to shoot the factory Hornady or other ammo, just let us know and we can throat your barrel specifically to match your ammo needs.

Rem Varmint is a sporter contour with 1.250″ cylinder and at 26″ is .830″.

AO Varmint contour is a sporter contour with 1.250″ and at 26″ is .875″. So, same contour as Rem Varmint just a little heavier through contour. This is the barrel contour we use on our TMR and MARS rifles.

Sendero contour is Rock Creek’s Sendero, which is same as our AO Varmint contour.

M24 is a heavy contour with 1.20″ cylinder and straight taper to .900″ at muzzle of 26″ finish.

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Barrel Description

Bartlein, AO Var, 1:8, 24"