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{TOP 9} Best Red Dot For Sig p365 reviews (2023 Updated)

The Sig P365 is a popular small pistol, but picking a red dot sight that works with it may be a bit tricky if you’re not familiar with this pistol and sight combination. Even with adaptor plates (although Sig does not produce one), only specific red dots can be mounted successfully on the Sig P365 pistol. 

Best Red Dot For Sig p365 Reviews

The P365 handgun is a concealed carry pistol designed for close-range shooting. Despite being a micro-compact gun, it boasts a considerable capacity for quick and accurate shots. However, if you utilize red dot sights in conjunction with the gun, you will have a higher chance of making quick and precise shots.

Because of the construction of the gun, you can only mount micro red dots. As a result, it is critical that you purchase the correct one to ensure the optimal performance of the combo. 

However, because the Sig P365 pistol is not an optics-ready handgun (the p365 model itself is not optics-ready, but other models like the p356 X, p356 X Macro, p356 XL, and p356 XL Spectra comp are optic-ready), as a result, you will need to acquire appropriate mounts to attach the optic to your gun if it is not optic ready.

Let’s take a look at a few reviews to assist you in choosing the best optic for your firearm. Also, we will outline some of the main considerations you need to look out for before acquiring the sight.

Here are our top picks for the best Sig p365 red dot:

We’ve done so much research in this post for you, and you can be sure that the red dot sight we’ll be discussing here not only functions on the Sig P365 but they’re also well-suited for it.

Let us talk a little about the Sig Sauer P365 pistol before we proceed to the factors to consider and optics reviews.

The Sig Sauer P365: An Overview

As previously mentioned, most of the p365 handgun models are optic-ready, with the exception of the SAS model, Nitron Micro-Compact model, and other variants.

However, Sig customer service has said that they are currently rolling out optic-ready slides for the SAS and Nitron (you can currently buy new slides with optic plates). Depending on the time you come across this article, the change might have already been implemented.

The only version that is less likely to have an optic-ready upgrade is the born and raised model because it is just a promotional model. 

All other Sig P365 versions, whether chambered in .380 or 9mm, should be optics-ready. With that in mind, let us move on to the factors you need to check before getting a p365 sight. 

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Features of the Sig p365 Firearm

Micro-Compact Design

The Sig P365’s micro-compact design is a key feature that addresses the modern demand for concealed carry firearms. Its compact size makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a pistol that can be easily concealed on their person, whether in a holster, pocket, or other concealed carry method. This design caters to individuals who prioritize discreet carry and need a firearm that won’t print or become cumbersome during daily activities. 

High Capacity

One of the standout features of the Sig P365 is its high capacity despite its small frame. Traditionally, smaller pistols have limited magazine capacities due to their reduced size. However, the P365 defies this norm by offering an impressive 10, 12, 15 or 17 round capacity of 9mm ammunition in a compact package. This higher ammunition capacity provides users with more rounds at their disposal before needing to reload. In self-defense situations, having this level of firepower can be crucial, potentially reducing the need for frequent magazine changes and increasing the user’s overall confidence in the pistol’s performance.

XRAY3 Day/Night Sights

The inclusion of XRAY3 day/night sights on the Sig P365 is a significant enhancement for shooting in various lighting conditions. These sights are designed to provide exceptional visibility both during the day and in low-light or nighttime scenarios. The enhanced contrast and visibility of the sights ensure that the shooter can quickly acquire their target, leading to more accurate and effective shooting. 

Striker-Fired Action

Striker-fired pistols have gained popularity due to their consistent trigger pull and simplified operation. The Sig P365’s striker-fired action ensures a uniform trigger pull for each shot, promoting accuracy and familiarity for users. The trigger pull is usually smoother and requires less effort compared to traditional double-action triggers, allowing for quicker follow-up shots and increased shooting comfort. This action type has become a staple in modern handguns, and its inclusion in the P365 adds to the overall user experience.

Accessory Rail

The P365’s integrated accessory rail empowers users with the capability to tailor their firearm with a diverse array of attachments and tools. This adaptable rail accommodates tactical lights, lasers, and other aiming devices, bolstering the pistol’s functionality. By augmenting these accessories, shooters elevate their shooting prowess and mold the P365 to suit distinct scenarios and environments. For instance, attaching a light to the rail augments target identification and accuracy in low-light situations, amplifying the P365’s utility for self-defense.

Textured Grip for Superior Handling

Integral to the P365’s design, its textured grip plays a pivotal role in augmenting control and mastery over the firearm, particularly under trying or challenging conditions. The grip area heightens the user’s secure hold on the pistol. This attribute is important during rapid-fire sequences or when contending with sweaty hands. The textured grip ensures the shooter retains firm control, mitigating the potential for slippage and ultimately culminating in heightened accuracy and unwavering shooting performance.

Manual Safety

For those who prioritize an added layer of safety, specific P365 variants provide optional manual thumb safety. This safety variant empowers users to engage or disengage the safety mechanism through a simple thumb motion, bestowing augmented security and tranquility during firearm carry. The manual safety offers a safeguard against unintended discharges, furnishing an extra tier of command over the pistol’s readiness to fire. Shooters well-versed in firearms equipped with manual safeties will find this feature aligned with their preferences and adeptly tailored to their needs.

Optics-Ready Prowess

The introduction of optics-ready models like the P365 XL and P365 X addresses the escalating demand for seamless red dot sight integration. These specialized variants arrive primed with requisite slide cuts and mounting avenues for effortless attachment of red dot sights. The optics-ready facet sidesteps the need for aftermarket alterations and guarantees an impeccable assimilation of red dot optics.

Nitron Finish

A dual-purpose attribute, the Nitron finish on the P365’s slide intertwines aesthetics with durability. This finish furnishes the pistol with an alluring and refined visual aspect. Beyond the visual realm, the Nitron finish extends corrosion resistance, shielding the slide against environmental elements that could potentially erode performance over time. The finish’s presence enhances the firearm’s overall longevity and preserves its appearance.

Varied Magazine Options

The P365 seamlessly accommodates an array of magazine options, including extended variants. These extended magazines increase the ammunition capacity, making the P365 suitable for different applications, spanning self-defense to competitive shooting. The availability of distinct magazine sizes empowers users to strike an equilibrium between concealment and firepower.

Precise Trigger Mechanism

A distinguishing hallmark of the P365 is its crisp and unwavering trigger pull that profoundly influences accuracy and user satisfaction. A discernible trigger pull ensures a better command over your shots and helps to deliver consistent outcomes. The precision of the trigger amplifies the shooter’s capacity to deliver pinpoint follow-up shots—a crucial aspect in self-defense or competitive engagements. 

Guide to Buying The Best Red Dot For Sig P365

The Sig P365 is a series of ultra-compact and compact pistols that are comparable in size and function to the Glock 26, 42, and 43. The Sig P365’s status as a concealed carry pistol has consequences because it is selective to optics. You might not be able to just mount any kind of optics on this pistol model.

Adapters and Footprints

The Shield RMSc footprint is used by the P365 pistol; however, Sig customer service refers to it as Romeo Zero footprint. There is a long list of sights that make use of this exact footprint.

If you purchase a red dot with a different footprint, you will not be able to use it with your sig P365. Sig Sauer does not produce any adapter plate for putting different sights on any of the Sig P365 pistol models (possibly because they just prefer everyone to use the Shield RMSC or Romeo zero footprint). 

However, you can find adapters made by other companies to mount your optics on the p365 handgun.

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Color and size of dots

In general, while preparing for an eventuality where you may be compelled to use any concealed carry pistol,  the ability to quickly take an almost-accurate shot (with a few-inch deviation in the fastest time possible) will be far more critical than having the whole time to shoot with MOA precision. As a result, I propose using the largest feasible red dot reticle or a dot and circle combination.

Color, unlike size, doesn’t actually matter to most shooters, except you have astigmatism issues, although every shooter can have their own preference for one color or the other. If you’re new to the world of reflex sight, I’d recommend focusing on other factors rather than reticle color.

MOTAC and Shake-Awake

In general, I enjoy red dots that react to movement. When you’re confronted with a life-threatening scenario, it might take too much time and effort to manually turn on the red dots in your sight. When you’re scared, and anxious, the last thing you want to think about at that moment is taking your fingers to the power button before finally getting the sight ready for a shot. This feature on a p365 sight makes it always action-ready anytime you need it.

One of the ways to reduce your tendency to freeze when you should power the red dot light is to practice more at the range. But you can eliminate the need for those long periods of practice by getting a red dot that is always ready.

However, motion activation is not a perfect answer because this device uses a battery. If you’re concealed carrying, the sight is virtually always on since it’s going about with you. Most sights give between 20,000 and 50,000 hours of operation time if you turn the red dot brightness settings down to the lowest or enable automatic brightness adjustment.

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Manual Brightness vs. Automatic Brightness

Another option to consider when choosing a red dot for your p365 pistol is automatic or manual brightness. Some people love the automatic settings, while others despise it. If you’re looking for a sight with motion activation, then I’d recommend exploring automatic brightness, especially if it is simple to turn off and back on.

The main danger with automated brightness is that it may give out a red dot that is either too dim to notice immediately or too bright to see well because of the obscuring effect of very bright light.

The greatest threat with manually operated brightness settings is that you always have to set it every time the brightness level changes.

You may be forced to play around with the brightness settings instead of focusing on the intruder, or sometimes, you may take a poor shot because the reticle is either too bright or too dim.

Quality Construction

Carry weapons may appear to have an easy life hanging about around the owner’s waist, but they may really accumulate quite a bit of mileage over time. Your sweaty, hairy body is no walk in the park, and a concealed carry gun can easily be abused.

If your concealed carry handgun occasionally shares a room with a pair of footwear or another hard item, it is indeed a good idea to choose an optic that can withstand that type of abuse.

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Image Clarity

Red dot sights for carry weapons like the p365 are probably the only kind of optic I’d say this about, although the picture quality is not a significant concern for them. Obviously, you must get a sight that you can clearly see through. A nicely-rated sight will not have hazy images. There’s, however, a distinction between “clear enough” and “very clear sight.”


You should look at the kind of materials utilized to make the body and lens of the optic.

The red dot’s body must be built of lightweight and long-lasting materials. This ensures that the sight can resist any harsh situations while adding no added weight to the pistol.

Lenses, on the other hand, should have several coatings to transfer as much light as possible through the sight. These multilayers also guard against corrosion and wear.


The kind and capacity of battery used by red dot matters. It is critical that the sight comes with a large capacity battery because it contributes to the LED dot being consistent in different lighting conditions.


Because some P365 pistol lacks optic-ready slide cut, you’ll need to acquire a compatible mounting plate to affix the sight you’ve purchased.


MOA, also known as Minute of Angle, is usually the size of the dot. Some red dot sights may have a 2 MOA, 3 MOA, 4 MOA, 6 MOA, or 8 MOA dot. The MOA size to be used is mostly determined by personal choice.

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Best Red Dot For Sig p365 Detail Reviews

The 507K optic by Holosun is the best red dot optic for Sig P365. It is the best red dot optic because it is exceptionally durable and dependable, as well as having an extremely long-lasting battery life, three reticle options, Shake Awake feature, and an optic footprint that aligns with optics-ready variants of the Sig Sauer P365 pistol.

Below, I’ll explain why I believe the 507K pistol red dot sights are the greatest Sig P365 red dot as well as other fantastic alternatives to consider. Let’s get into it!

1. Holosun HS507 K X2

As I have stated, I consider the Holosun 507K as one of the best concealed carry gun optics you can mount on your Sig P365 for various reasons. To begin with, the 507 K X2 is an exceptionally sturdy and dependable small optic. It is made with 7075-T6 aluminum housing, and the square top shape of the sight makes it more impact-resistant.

The Holosun 507K is waterproof when submerged in water that is about 1 meter deep. The sight has gained a reputation as an extraordinarily sturdy small sight in recent years. Furthermore, the 507K has Holosun’s Multiple Reticle System, which gives you three reticle options to choose from. The three reticle options are the 2 MOA dot, 32 MOA circle, and the Circle and Dot combo.

The Holosun 507K optics also comes with a long-lasting battery that can last for about 50,000 hours or 5 years. It also has the Awake Shake feature, which helps you preserve battery life by turning off the dot when not in use and bringing it back on when the optics move. 

The sight also has a side-loading battery compartment that makes battery replacements quick and easy. Furthermore, in this X2 version, you may disable the auto-brightness control buttons, preventing your brightness from going too high or too low while you’re carrying your P365 pistol all day.

Finally, the 507K X2 has a patented footprint that is suitable with the optics-ready variants of the P365 pistols without the need for mounting plates or slide adjustments. This is fantastic since it means you can easily install the sight on your P365 right away without looking for any mounts.

2. Vortex Optics Viper Red Dot

The next red dot we’re looking at is the Vortex Viper. The finest feature of this optic is that it allows for quick target acquisition. This model of Viper red dot sight features a low profile mount to allow shooters co-witness with iron sights, ensuring precise shots. The sight also features a 6 MOA dot-sized reticle that allows you to take shots as quickly as possible.

With its 1 MOA elevation and windage adjustment per click, you may change the point of aim of the dot. Another positive aspect of this sight that we must mention is its durability. It was built with a hard anodized coating on the body to decrease glare.

This coating protects it from dust, debris, moisture, and other potentially hazardous factors. It is also O-ring sealed to prevent any of the previously listed factors (dust, debris, moisture) from entering the sight.

Additionally, the sight’s features, like the Armortek coatings on the lens, protect it from grease, grime, and external scratches. Apart from the Armortek coatings, it also boasts of completely multi-coated surfaces to allow enough light to pass through the lens.

This red dot optic features a manual brightness settings adjustment mechanism that allows you to alter the dot brightness as needed. Overall, the Viper sight is a well-crafted and high-quality sight that lacks nothing exceptional but works nicely for customers who like balanced and straightforward features.

Does it come with a mounting plate for your p365 handgun? No, this Vortex sight does not come with any mounting for this gun. You can, however, purchase them individually if desired. 

Adapters such as the “Ade Advanced Optics Adapter for Sig Sauer P365 ” can be used to mount your sight.

The sight should have a modest height so that it can provide flawless co-witness. In addition, the Viper variant has a shorter height profile than the Vortex Venom variant. As a result, it will give more co-witness than Vortex Venom.

This Vortex sight does not have an automatic power-on setting; you must do it manually. It can, however, shut down automatically after every 14 hours.

3. Trijicon Rmr Type 2 

Whatever sight you want to use for your Sig P365, you must ensure that it allows for quick target acquisition. And we can’t speak about rapid aiming without mentioning this Trijicon red dot sight with a 6.5 MOA dot.

With a large 6.5 MOA dot size, this optic will always allow you to accomplish quick shots, especially at shot ranges. The performance of the optic, when targeting at close range, is quite commendable.

Like other high-quality red dots, this Trijicon RMR has both automatic and manual brightness settings. If you want to make use of the manual brightness control option, the sight allows you to modify the brightness to any of the 8 levels as needed. The automated option, on the other hand, will modify the red dot brightness intensity based on ambient light conditions.

Taking the capacity of this P365 pistol into consideration, you’ll agree that the sight we must place on it should be shock resistant and highly durable. Keeping this in mind, Trijicon chose to use military-grade aluminum for the optic housing. This high-quality material shields the lens and other internal components of the sight from powerful recoils and dangerous external elements.

This optic, like the Holosun HS507k red dot, offers a lock mode that prevents unintended settings changes while the pistol is holstered.

Will the RMR sight fit in the Sig P365 XL model? Although the P365 XL pistol model has an optic-ready slide, the RMR sight cannot be immediately mounted on it. The Trijicon RMR is intended to be attached to a different footprint. As a result, you must purchase an adaptor so that you can mount the optic on your handgun.

What about the p365 model? The p365 pistol is not optics-ready; you must locate the appropriate mount to attach it to your gun. There are a few mount alternatives to select from; however, we believe the “Outerimpact Adapter Mount for Sig P365 pistol” will be an excellent match for installing the optic.

You may change the red dot intensity as well as the brightness of the optic. However, it lacks the ability to adjust the color of the dot.

4. Burris FastFire II 

Let me state right away that an adapter plate would be needed if you’re planning on considering the Burris FastFire optic for your Sig P365 pistol. If you wish to co-witness, you’ll need to change the OEM iron sights with suppressor-height iron sights, which will cost a little more.

So, what makes this sight qualify as a good p365 sight? Firstly, it is a great sight in any case. Red dots are frequently used on handguns, and they can have some issues; however, Burris Optics stands by its guarantee. So you have no reason to be afraid.

If you have FastFire optics, it’s very certainly worth picking up an adapter plate (such as this one) and installing it on your P365. Even if you don’t already have one, it’s something to think about. 

If money is no problem, I’d prefer the FastFire III instead of the fastfire II because the model II has the same significant flaws found in Crimson Trace; it has automatically set brightness with no ability to convert to manual.

The sight housing is made entirely of aluminum. The sight is parallax free and has a 1x magnification, like most red dots. It also comes with a 4 MOA dot size that aids fast target acquisition.

Some of the downsides of this sight include; there will be no shaking awake or MOTAC feature to save battery and help with an instant response when you want to take a shot.

The auto-off timer is fixed to 8 hours and cannot be changed. The fastfire II does not have a manual brightness control, and a separate adaptor plate must be purchased.

5. Leupold Deltapoint Pro 

The Leupold Deltapoint red dot reflex sight is perfectly suited for hunting and tactical applications. It would also be effective with a P365 concealed carry; in fact, it is one of the best concealed carry gun optics you’ll find on the market. The sight has numerous notable characteristics, but the Motion sensor mechanism stands out.

The motion sensor system is quite effective for preserving battery life. When the pistol is inactive for about 5 minutes, the system will automatically turn off the red dot lighting. When it detects movement around the gun, it will quickly activate the reticle.

Furthermore, the optic has a DiamondCoat Aspheric lens for crisp and brilliant target view. It even keeps the lens from becoming scratched. 

The elevation and windage adjustment system of this sight makes a 1 MOA move per click.

The battery of this optic is quite simple to change. This is because it is located ontop the sight; you may remove and replace it anytime you want without having to unscrew the sight from your pistol. You will also not require any tools to change the battery.

This Deltapoint sight comes in two variants with night vision, 179585 and 179586. The NV capability is included since this is the 179585 model.

The 2.5 MOA reticle is sufficient to aim correctly at a target. However, if you like, you may purchase the co-witnessed rear sight separately.

6. Sig Romeo Zero

The next sight on our list is the Sig ROMEOZero, a pistol red dot sight designed by Sig to match the P365 pistol. One unique feature that makes it a one-of-a-kind red dot is the construction; the housing of the sight is constructed with polymer. Let us put things straight, a red dot sight made with polymer cannot be as durable as the ones made with aluminum or other metals.

That being said, I believe this ROMEOZero sight is durable enough for a concealed carry pistol, and there are situations where the polymer may withstand impact better than a tougher material. 

The Romeo Zero red dot is now available in two versions: one with 3 MOA dots and one with 6 MOA dots. As you might already guess, I’d recommend the 3 MOA dot since it is a sweet spot when it comes to tracking and fast shooting for me, but if you’re unlike me, you can go for the 6 MOA dot sight. The dot size selection is a matter of choice.

If you have the Romeo Zero mounted on your pistol, you should expect a battery life of about 20,000 hours. Like many other Sig Sauer red dots, such as the Romeo 5, the Romeo zero comes with the MOTAC System, which is extremely fascinating. 

With the MOTAC feature, the sight can automatically switch off itself when not in use and instantly come back on when it detects movement. One of the major advantages of this feature is that it will not only make you have a faster target acquisition, but it will also help you save enough battery life.

Finally, the sight has the Shield RMSc footprint; it can be installed on the Sig Sauer P365 pistol without a slide modification or an adapter plate. Aside from the fact that this sight is made with polymer, it offers a lot of fascinating capabilities and is meant to operate with the Sig P365 pistol platform.

7. Crimson Trace RAD Micro Pro

Another good optics you can use for your p365 shooting is the Crimson Trace red dot. There are several reasons why it might complement the Sig Sauer P365 pistol.

First and foremost, this Micro Pro sight is a tough and dependable red dot. The housing of the sight is composed of aircraft-grade aluminum, and the square top is inclined to be exceptionally impact resistant. It is waterproof to about 1 meter when immersed in water. It is also fog proof and shockproof.

Furthermore, the reticle dot size is 3 MOA. The sight has a battery life that can last for about 10,000 hours. It is, however, recommended that you change the battery yearly.

In addition to battery life, this RAD Pro sight has the Awake Shake feature, just like the Holosun 507K, which is a fantastic feature since it helps you preserve battery life when you’re not using the sight…

Finally, the RAD Pro sight, like some other red dots we’ve reviewed, has the Shield RMS footprint, which means you can mount it easily on the slide of your Sig P365 without using an adapter plate. Overall, I believe this sight offers a lot (particularly given its low price), and I believe it is a great red dot.

8. Swampfox Sentinel Reflex Sight

Here is yet another optic for your p365 pistol. One nice thing about this sight is how meticulously the quality was ensured. Swampfox put polymer in the scope’s lens to make it shockproof and sturdy. They also multi-coated the surface of the glass to allow the most amount of light to pass through it.

Furthermore, the body is made of high-quality materials such as 7075-T6 aluminum to ensure that it can survive a wide range of climatic conditions. The brightness setting is another standout element of this Swampfox sight. It has two brightness settings: Sentinel-A (automatic) and Sentinel-M (manual).

To regulate the brilliance of the red dot, the Sentinel-M features ten distinct brightness levels. It also has a Shake Awake system to conserve battery life while the sight is inactive and turn the dots back on when there is motion.

The Sentinel-A system, on the other hand, regulates the brightness according to the ambient light conditions using a photosensitive sensor. It does not even turn off accidentally because it is automated and does not perform like the Shake ‘N Wake.

However, because the Sig P365 lacks an optics-ready slide, you will need to find an appropriate scope mount to attach the sight to your handgun. Overall, if you want a long-lasting sight with variable brightness, this optic is for you.

What is the location of the battery? The battery of this sight is installed beneath the Sentinel-A configuration. To change the battery, you must first remove the optic.

Because the optic has ten customizable brightness settings, you can simply alter the intensity of light to operate in low-light conditions. Furthermore, the automatic brightness mechanism regulates the brightness to provide you with a flawless target image.

Is Swampfox a military-grade optic? The sight is composed of high-quality materials to endure hard impacts and harsh handling. It also offers a versatile brightness mechanism that allows you to better manage the brightness. As a result, you may term it a duty-grade optic because it functions similarly to these sorts of optics.

9. AT3 Tactical ARO

The AT3 ARO is an excellent alternative for those who are wary of electronics and automated choices. It lacks any kind of motion-sensing or shake-awake technology, as well as an automated brightness setting. You must turn it on manually if you want this sight to work. You must adjust it upward or downward to make it brighter or darker.

It does include an auto-off option after you leave it on for 6 hours. It is a normal 3 MOA dot, and it is made with a high-quality 6061 Aluminum housing. 

You’ll need to get the same type of adapter plate that is used for Burris FastFire to attach this sight to your P365 pistol, and it’ll also fit on any handgun you choose to mount it on. 

The AT3’s low price matches its simplicity, which makes it an excellent match for your P365 pistol. When you go for this sight, you should know that you’re not getting all the bells and whistles that come with most pistol red dot sights.

Frequently-Asked Question

Should I Install a Red Dot Optic on My Sig Sauer P365 Pistol?

I recommend adding a sight to your pistol to increase your target acquisition speed. The only reason you should not have a sight on the pistol is when you cannot afford it; in this case, you have to spend more time training with your iron sight to become proficient with it. However, a red dot is always the way to go!

Is Sig Sauer a Reliable Red Dot Maker?

Yes, Sig has produced a couple of decent red dot sights. Their Romeo Zero sight is not their greatest sight, but it’s also not their worst. The Sig Sauer brand comes at a price, but their optics are worth it, and they offer a reasonable warranty.

What’s the distinction between P365XL and P365 pistol?

The Sig P365 variant is lighter and compact, having soft-touch grips. On the other hand, Sig P365XL variant is wider and has a larger capacity magazine. It also includes front stippling for a more stable grip on the handgun.

What optics are compatible with the P365 XL?

Since the Sig P365Xl comes with a standard rail, almost any red dot will fit.

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