Rifle Firepower – July 2012

Harris Publications
article by Rob Garrett

We were contacted in the middle of 2011 by Harris Publications and asked if we wanted to submit a rifle for a feature article in a new magazine called Rifle Firepower. We had barely opened our doors publicly but because we were already known in the industry for our quality of work and special industry contacts, we got the call. Frankly, it was very humbling.


The request was simple…build something “cool”. Okay, define cool. The magazine was a new one for Harris and was to focus on new leading, bleeding edge technology, long-range precision and high-end gunsmithing. So, I thought about it for about a second and agreed we’d put together something special with components that at the time were not really available.

Long story short (hey, go read the article), we built up an amazing rifle on the Accuracy International AX chassis, with a Rock Creek barrel, Pierce Engineering action, Allen Engineering suppressor (the first AE30 ever made!) and one of only two in existence Nightforce Velocity 1000 reticle scopes. The first time we could fire the rifle was the day the Harris folks came to visit. And things couldn’t have worked any better.

Harris named the rifle the “PCR-SD”. I guess we couldn’t really have named it the “Cool Custom Rifle”. That doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Also, checkout the cool side article on the Ruag ammo we tested same day. It performed amazingly well.

Here is the article. Enjoy!

Rifle Firepower PCR-SD article

These are a few more pictures Richard King took that didn’t make it in the magazine…

news-firepower2 news-firepower3 news-firepower4 news-firepower5 news-firepower6