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What is the Best Scope Leveling Tool for your Rifle?

Have you ever thought about what the accuracy of your rifle and scope combination would be if you do not mount it correctly? Many professional shooters and a few newbie shooters understand the need for leveling their scope when they mount it on their rifles. Mounting the scope firmly is not enough for pinpoint accuracy; you need to also ensure that the scope is leveled on the rifle to ensure maximum shooting accuracy. 

A scope that is not properly leveled will give a lot of issues, and the most obvious would be missed shots. If you want to install a scope on your rifle, make sure you utilize the appropriate scope leveling tool for the job.

Scope Leveling Tool for your Rifle

So the question now is, What is the Best Scope Leveling Tool for your Rifle? We’ll find out more in this article.

If, after mounting your scope, you notice a 5° cant to the left or to the right, you might be losing between 0.2 and 1.3 MOA (Minute of Angle). At 300 yards, it implies that you may miss your shot with about 3 3/4′′ inch. A 5° cant in the long range shooting might allow you to miss your target when you need precision the most.

The best way to prevent or avoid the issue of missed shots is to use a tool intended to level the optics on a rifle receiver. There are so many good products and brands out there, but deciding on the best one might take a lot of work. Using a leveling tool that does not suit your scope and rifle will not work. Instead, using such a tool will make your scope alignment worse.

Most people are always tempted to want to cut corners, and oftentimes they get away with it. However, from experience, I can say that scope alignment tasks take more time, patience, and a good leveling tool to get correctly. This could be the reason people want to skip the process. But like we established above, if you do not get it right at once, then you should be ready for the disappointment to come.

Professional Results from Do-It-Yourself

Some people believe that they need to get an expert to mount the scope for them to prevent leveling issues, but the truth is, you can do it yourself. If you want to mount your scope yourself, there are several useful tools for making it leveled. And there is no reason why you should not be able to perform the task professionally yourself if you follow instructions.

Having the appropriate tool for the job is crucial, but so is utilizing it effectively. And the way you level your scope is determined by the kind of scope leveling equipment you use.

Types of Scope Leveling Tools

Before you proceed with the leveling of your rifle scope, you have to first consider the particular type of scope leveling tool that will be compatible with your scope, rifle, and base. There are hundreds of variables that can affect the kind of tool for your platform. 

Another factor to consider is how you want to use your weapon. If you’re deer hunting, a small amount of inaccuracy is unlikely to make you miss short-range targets. However, if you’re planning on a long range shooting, such as elk hunting, you will need the most perfect scope alignment imaginable. The essence is that you bring your scope level to the point where you can shoot accurately. 

Scope Leveling Tools are basically classified into three types! The Bubble Level, Professional Leveling Kit, and Wedge.

Bubble Level

A compact set that includes (one) magnetic Race Way Level and (one) scope Turret Level. These kits are affordable and will allow you to perform a good leveling job with a variety of scope and rifle combinations.

Professional Leveling Kit

A precise leveling kit is comprised of (one) magnetic Small Raceway/Base Level and (one) Barrel Level Clamp. This leveling tool is designed for shooters who seek the most exact riflescope alignment possible for maximum accuracy.

Leveling Wedge

This one-of-a-kind tool is made up of two to three CNC-machined aluminum pieces. A little or large “Wedge” with a right-angled scope Base Plate. This style of leveling works well on rifles that have a flat top scope base, such as Picatinny. 

They’re ideal for AR scope mounting, as well as mounting different tactical and hunting rifles. Wedge leveling tools are quick and simple to use. They are great for adjusting scopes at the shooting range or field. Wedge Levelers cannot be used on scopes that have a slightly round turret bottom.

Scope Leveling Tools: What You Should Know Before Buying

There are various factors to consider before and during the purchase of a scope leveling instrument. Some features of the best scope leveling tools should be considered before purchasing the item. Some of the properties of scope leveling tools are explored more below:


Accuracy is the most important factor to consider when selecting a scope leveling tool. The level of accuracy of the scope leveler influences the precision and accuracy of your rifle shots. You should invest your money in the best leveling tools in the market. To crosscheck the tool’s accuracy, observe the bubble level on the reference and barrel clamp level.


You should select the most adaptable scope leveling tool on the market since it allows you to modify it freely and permits the usage of the same leveler on many firearms. Purchasing a multipurpose leveling tool saves you money instead of having to purchase one leveler for each gun and scope combo.


Before purchasing a rifle scope leveler, the ideal size should be evaluated. A small-size leveler, on the other hand, may be easier to store and carry. It may also be difficult to read if the font is too tiny, and extra-large tools may obstruct your vision. As a result, always purchase the most appropriate and handy tool for you and your rifle.


A good leveling tool must be long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear. It must also be able to perform its purpose for an extended period of time. Metallic leveling tools are said to be more durable than those made with other materials.


Another factor to consider when purchasing a leveling tool for your scope is the ease of use. A decent leveling tool should be simple and straightforward to use. Meaning a good leveling tool must have only two or three parts that are easy to install and use. Anything beyond that may be too confusing for users. It must also be simple to read.


Before investing in a leveling tool, be sure it is compatible with your rifle system or platform.

However, while most leveling tools are suitable for a wide range of rifles, you should only buy one that is compatible with your rifle. It will save you time and money when leveling or aligning your scope.

Scope Leveling Kit Questions To Ask Yourself

Most times, we go ahead to buy something fully convinced that we “need” it at the point of purchase, only to discover later that it isn’t something we’ll use or actually need use for. Before purchasing a scope leveling kit, be sure you absolutely need it and also ensure that the tool fits into your long-term budgetary needs.

Before calling the final shot on the purchase, take a step back and consider whether you actually need it.

Here are some questions and answers you should use to make an informed decision:

Can I afford it?

This question may seem too easy, but most people don’t bother to ask themselves as soon as they develop a strong desire for something. Before you go and buy a leveling kit for your scope, ensure that it is not completely out of your price range. 

Whether you are buying online or at a local store, look at the price tags, and don’t get carried away by the features. If an item costs more than you are prepared to spend, then it’s not worth buying. So, you must assess whether or not you can afford the leveling kit. Can you honestly afford it? 

What am I going to do with it?

This is another critical concern that should be addressed. Don’t buy an item if you do not know what you will use it for. Before purchasing something, spend some time researching about it.

If you can not answer this question, you probably don’t need the leveling kit. Before purchasing an object, you should always examine what function it will serve and if it will perform that task well enough.

How Frequently Will I Be Using?

Determine how frequently you will be using the scope leveling kit. If you’re buying something that you’re unlikely to use often, it’s not always a good idea to finish the transaction. There are always alternative options for getting what you need. Be truthful about how frequently you intend to use something.

Best Scope Leveling Tool 

1. Wheeler Engineering Scope Leveling Tool

The first scope mounting kit we will be looking at for proper scope mounting, and leveling is the Wheeler Engineering Leveling tool. I got this leveling tool years ago, and I have used it to mount a scope on different rifle platforms. It is a very versatile kit for ensuring the right mounting level is achieved when you want to install a scope on your rifle. 

The Wheeler Engineering Level is built with the highest precision, and its flawless construction ensures accurate scope alignment. The Leveling tool is very easy to use; just follow the step-by-step directions, and you’ll level your scope in no time.

This leveling device is pretty small, and it will not take much space when trying to use it for your scope leveling. It comes in two different forms. The magnetized form that can be used as an Action Level, and a non-magnetized form that is used as a Scope Turret Level tool.

What I enjoy about using this tool is that it allows you to set the level with your rifle receiver rather than the top of your scope base. It is a good practice to sample the levels before you use them, just to be sure they’re in good shape.

Why should you check the state of the tool? From my years of experience working with plastics, it is obvious that any material made from plastic can have a distorted result if anything like excess heat or cold affects the plastic. After checking my tools, they were accurate.

The injection molding is of high quality, and the levels are straightforward to use. The magnetic Action Level is designed to suit the raceways of the Remington 700 and other popular rifle models.

The issue I have with this sort of tool is that while adjusting your scope, the reference level cannot be seen easily. So, I often use it as a supplementary level in conjunction with the more complex scope leveling system.

If you’re putting a scope on your hunting rifle or tactical rifle, this tool will do a good job for you. You can use it on different AR rifles or bolt action rifles. It is a small tool and also affordable.

2. GHHJX Professional Magnetic Leveling Tool

GHHJX Professional Magnetic Leveling Tool is mostly beneficial for short and mid-range shooting. This scope mounting kit is quite simple to use, and when used correctly, it may assist you in accurately leveling your optics for different kinds of shooting activities. This dead-level optics leveling kit is composed of injection-molded plastics, yet the material is of the highest quality you can expect, and it is suitable for precision rifle or riflescope leveling. 

This leveling tool comes in a set of two and allows a shooter to level the riflescope tube. They also include a powerful magnet underneath so you can comfortably carry out a hands-free leveling operation. They’re made for mounting optics, ensuring that your scope and firearm are mounted on the same level. 

This leveling device allows the rifle owner to move the rifle’s level away from that of the receiver, and this is a preferred method for most shooters. The tool is of small size, making it easier to store, carry, transport, and use for accurate leveling. This is ideal for experienced rifle owners who want something that can perform the task accurately for them on different rifles and scopes.

Despite being constructed of injection molded plastic, the quality put into this product is excellent. You can decide to level your scopes accurately with this tool for different shooting conditions if you use this collection of tools appropriately. 

It is suited for hunting rifles with ranges of less than 200 yards. The Receiver Level is compatible with Remington 700 raceways and other bolt action rifles.

Finally, the leveling with precision is excellent, it has a long-lasting construction, the design is adaptable, and it is made of easily readable bubbles. On the downside, they are not so durable and cannot be recommended for long-range shooting.

3. Tough Tactical Tools Picatinny rail Scope Leveler Combo

The next scope leveling tool we would look at is this wonderful leveler made by the Tough Tactical Tools brand. So if you want to mount a scope on your rifle, you can use this proper scope mounting tool to ensure the precise mounting level of your weapon.

This one-of-a-kind tool is a perfect rifle and scope leveling tool, and it is popular among shooters because it is easy to use, convenient to handle, and very accurate. To attach this tool to your barrel or rifle, just place the leveler into the bottom part of the elevation turret cluster, allowing the base plate to line perfectly with the reticle. 

This great riflescope leveling kit is not only simple to use but also made of high-quality materials. The three components are carefully machined to strict specifications. With this tool, you won’t have to bother yourself about galling since the anodized coating on the tool’s flat surface protects it when it is rubbed against another surface.

The spacing seen between the bottom part of the elevation turret and the gunstock is about 1.1inches at its widest point. The tool pack comes with two levelers, one tiny enough to fit inside the bigger one for easy storage. It does not require a gun vise or workstation to be operated, and it is quite portable. Consider this while deciding which leveling tool to purchase when you finally decide to get one. 

This Tough Tactical Tools scope leveler is intended for leveling canted scope reticles mounted on strong, one-piece mounts or scope rings, and it assists you in aligning your scope accurately, affordably, and rapidly.

What I enjoy about using this tool set is the general construction. The leveling equipment is more like a precise measuring instrument rather than a tool. The craftsmanship is great, and the hardware is made of durable materials, so there will be no corrosion. I double-checked the Reference Level because I don’t like to overlook things. It is completely correct.

The kit is packaged in a sturdy molded plastic storage container with cut-out foam, and the blue anodized finish is another good thing! This leveling tool is highly recommended for shooters who desire the greatest scope alignment possible.

With this tool, you do not need a gun vise; it is very accurate, easy to use, and quite long-lasting. On the other hand, it is ineffective for many firearms, so you cannot use it for all applications.

4. Wheeler Professional Reticle Leveling System

This scope leveling technique is one of the most effective leveling methods available. It is made in such a way that it is applicable to a wide range of weapons. This fantastic scope bubble leveler is a precise tool intended to easily level an optic on just about any rifle, making it the best tool for precision scope alignment. 

The Wheeler mounting kit includes two calibrated 6061-T6 aluminum pieces, making it simple to install. It also has a handy storage container and a rotating adjustment knob to fine-tune the level. This leveling tool has a bubble size level for precise measurement as well as a reference level frame with a magnet under it.

It has the widest diameter barrel clamp level to accommodate larger diameter guns and barrels. This leveling technique is often factory calibrated, but it may also be changed to perfection or precision in misalignment. 

The Wheeler leveling kit is appropriate for tactical shooting, hunting, and other professional applications. It is the most exact or accurate technique to align the scope ring screws. It is also quite inexpensive. So, if you are seeking a tool that would give you value for your money, search no further; this is for you.

The high quality of this measuring tool is immediately apparent as you open the molded storage container. Each piece is meticulously machined and anodized.

This Barrel Clamp Level has two sides, the first side is made of a hinge, and the other side has an adjustment knob. The space between the threaded rods is wide enough to span even the widest barrel you’re likely to encounter when using the Wheeler Reticle Leveling System. The barrel clamp’s hardware is black anodized, which helps to prevent corrosion.

The Reference Level may be re-calibrated if you think it’s necessary; this distinguishes the Wheeler Reticle Leveling System from other similar leveling tools. It is factory calibrated, but if it is accidentally dropped, you can make adjustments until it is totally correct again.

This leveling tool set is somewhat more expensive than others, but I feel the price difference is worthwhile. This, in my opinion, is the greatest professional scope leveling tool set available. The only drawback to this tool is that it is occasionally canted and not easily accessible.

5. Tough Tactical Tools Wedge Leveling Tool Combo 

This beautifully built leveling tool combo is about as straightforward as it gets. This Wedge Leveling tool was created to level riflescopes that are mounted on Scope Rings or One-Piece Mounts.

To mount your riflescope, place your leveling tools Base Plate on the scope base till the flange is flush with the edge. Attach the small or big “Wedge” into the grove carved within the leveling tools Base Plate. Then, carefully press it on the sight until the bottom part of your scope turret flushes with the top of your leveling Wedge. Your scope has now been leveled.

This tool is not only simple to use, but it is also of high quality. Each of the three components have been carefully CNC machined to strict specifications. The hard anodized coating prevents the parts from galling when the parts are forced to rub against one another.

This Wedge tool set includes a small and big size Wedge to accommodate scope/base clearances ranging from 0.175 inches to 1.1inches. Yes, it may be used with Picatinny rail scope bases that are machined rather than cast.

I have used this tool on my AR rifle as well as some of my Tactical Rifles. You can also keep it in your toolbox in case one of your friends’ guns isn’t correctly aligned. Another fantastic aspect of this sort of leveling equipment is that it does not require the use of a workbench or gun vise.

CAUTION: Even though this tool is simple to use, mistakes might occur throughout the installation process. To avoid errors, make sure you follow the instructions. Although this tool does not totally replace the Bubble Leveling method, it is another excellent alternative. If you have a strong, one-piece mount platform, this tool will allow you to align and mount your scope accurately and affordably.

The only downside is that this tool does not always come as a first-choice tool for experienced shooters.

6. Real Avid ‎Level Right Pro Leveling Kit 

If you want a precise and accurate shot, then this Real Avid Leveling Tool is for you. It allows you to perfectly align your scope with your rifle. The general durability and machining quality of this incredible tool are the most astounding features. It is well-made, so the hardware helps to prevent rusting. 

The Real Avid Tools are intended to allow shooters effortlessly and precisely level their scope ring screws on a handgun or rifle of any size. It is made up of two simple leveling reference points.  The Level Right Pro FacePlate has a Scope Saddle.

The barrel clamp diameter is adjustable to fit any barrel, shotgun, or rifle. It comes in a lovely case with form-fitted foams to keep each tool secure. If you’re looking for the best scope alignment possible, this scope leveling kit is a good place to start. It is also incredibly simple to use and inexpensive.

It is extremely long-lasting and rust-resistant, high quality, beautiful, little, and strong. It is intended for both novice and professional users and is useful for long range shots. It is less effective on curved or rough surfaces, and it is not suitable for low-mounted scopes.

This tool has a rechargeable reticle projection light that can be charged with a USB Cable. It also has a Precision Alignment Grid. This Precision Alignment Grid comes with a mini tripod. The rechargeable light projects the reticle onto the precision alignment grid so that you can rotate it for excellent scope alignment.

7. TXTactical Scope Leveling Wedge Tool

The TXTactical Leveling Wedge Tool is an absolute must for everyone who wants to install their scope accurately. When a one-piece scope base has a flat bottom surface directly under the elevation turret, this wedge-type tool may be more reliable in this case. This fantastic riflescope leveling tool is composed of aluminum alloy and has a matte black finish. 

The tool also has two alternative height wedges to accommodate most scope types, making it appropriate for a wide range of rifles. It is really convenient to use and saves you time while attaching it.

Simply insert a wedge, gently tweak the scope tube, and you will have a properly leveled scope. 

This scope reticle alignment tool may be used with or without a gun vise to verify that your sight is perfectly aligned. This incredible and perfect alignment tool comes highly recommended, and you will not be disappointed if you use it. The cost of these fantastic instruments is also extremely reasonable and widely available. 

This tool is not ideal for low-mounted scopes, and it is not as efficient as the other types we reviewed because the scope can easily be mismounted. Because of the small size of the tool, it can easily be misplaced.


What Issues May Occur If My Scope Is Not Precisely Leveled?

Many problems or difficulties can occur as a result of a scope that does not level properly. One issue is that your firearm and scope will not perform to their maximum ability, so you should expect a lot of missed shots. A leveling tool that does not level correctly may provide you with an unpleasant experience. To get the finest leveling and accuracy shooting experience, buy the suitable one for your rifle and follow the installation instructions carefully.

Can Professional Leveling Kits Be Used For Any Scope?

Professional leveling kits are not compatible with all scopes. Although they are intended for more accurate scope mounting, they are also adaptable enough to function on a wider range of rifle/scope combinations. As a result, before purchasing a professional leveling toolset, ensure it is compatible with the rifle/scope you want. This will save you time, money, and frustration.

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