Signature Series Rifles now equipped with Rugged Suppressor brakes

May 2, 2017   

For Immediate Release   

Accurate Ordnance, a manufacturer of precision rifles, is proud to announce their collaboration with Rugged Suppressors to offer Surge muzzle brakes as standard equipment on Signature Rifle builds. 

The Surge muzzle brake offers excellent recoil mitigation via its three-port design, while also allowing any rifle to shoot to its maximum accuracy potential. This brake also allows fast, easy and repeatable mounting of the Rugged Surge silencer available separately. As part of the Rugged Suppressors quality control process, every rifle suppressor is tested for accuracy on Accurate Ordnance built rifles.

Available starting in April 2017, most Signature Rifle builds (TMR, MARS, CTX and Stryker) offered by Accurate Ordnance will feature the Surge 762 brake as standard equipment. As part of the build process, muzzle brakes will be timed to the rifle so that no shims will be required. Should a customer desire an alternate muzzle brake or bare muzzle, alternate options are also available at time of order.

“We are excited to partner with Rugged Suppressors to offer the Surge 762 muzzle brake on our rifles,” says Mark Kuczka, Business Manager of Accurate Ordnance. “Between the suppressor experience the team at Rugged has, and our extensive testing and use on our own rifles, we are big fans of the Rugged Suppressor designs and their performance. It is a natural fit to offer such a high quality option as standard equipment on our rifles.”

Accurate Ordnance is a manufacturer of precision bolt-action rifles, based in Winder, GA. Founded in 2011 by talented gunsmiths and industry veterans, their focus has been to deliver precision rifles and related products of the highest quality, while also providing superior customer service. Their rifles are in use with top competitors, shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement personnel and hunters across the United States.

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