We build all our hunting rifles using the same top quality components we put into our record winning F-Class and PRS (Precision Rifle Series) competition rifles.  Only the feature set is different.

As a hunter myself I gravitate towards a certain feature set in my hunting rifles.  I like a more traditional “Monte Carlo” style buttstock with a higher check area for proper eye positioning behind the optic without having to use a more expensive and heavier adjustable check butt.  I like the cleaner look of a BDL bottom metal.  To me it just looks right on a hunting rifle and won’t snag on anything like a detachable magazine system might.  I like barrels that are thin enough to lighten up the rifle for longer carries in the woods but also just think enough to fire more than a couple shots before having to let it cool.  Having the barrel thick enough to also thread for a brake or suppressor is also important to me.

Many of our hunting customers like similar feature sets.  So, we designed a Signature Series rifle we call the Stalker.  Now remember we are a custom shop.  No two of these rifles are alike!  Sure, they share similar features but each one is slightly different from the next.


The Stalker starts with our OEM branded receiver made for us by Stiller’s Precision to our specs.  The bolt body is machined from a single piece of steel and is Black Iron Nitride QPQ coated for smooth action and galling prevention.  The bolt body is fluted on the top but smooth on the bottom to prevent possible binding on cartridges or magazine bodies. 

The action body is 416R SS.  Recoil lug is precision ground and pinned to the receiver.  The receiver has four 8-40 screw holes and two anti-sheer pins to accommodate either a Picatinny base or Talley rings.  We prefer the Talley rings for a cleaner, traditional look and also to allow for easier loading and unloading of the rifle.

A side bolt release allows for a quick and convenient way to remove the bolt for cleaning or transportation.  The bolt handle is threaded to accept a variety of bolt knobs.  


The McMillan model simply called the “McMillan Hunter” is by far the most popular stock we use on the Stalker.  It has a higher comb for proper head placement and a traditional tapered forend.  Two side mounted flush cups are installed for quick attach/detach of a support sling.  A traditional bipod stud is installed in the forend.  The stock is fully pillar bedded to be completely stress free.  Texturing in the grip and forend give the shooter a positive hold on the rifle.

We also stock Manners stocks and are fans of their hunting products.


The barrel is a 416R SS, cut rifling blank that is hand lapped.  We chamber these barrels on our HAAS TL-1 CNC lathe using only the best tooling available.  The chamber is polished before leaving the lathe.  Typical barrel length of these rifles is 24″ but we sometimes cut barrels a bit shorter for certain calibers.  For example, an 18″ barrel 6.5 Creedmoor makes for a handy little whitetail rifle!

Since these rifles typically weigh around 7.5# to 7.75# most shooters appreciate having a muzzle brake or suppressor installed to mitigate recoil.  This is especially true on larger caliber and magnum cartridges.  We use a variety of different muzzle devices depending on performance needs and aesthetics.  Brakes can be chamfered or in some cases blended.

Bottom Metal

We like to put only the best quality parts in our rifles.  An Oberndorf style BDL, such as the one Hawkins Precision makes, tops our list and leaves these hunting rifles with an elegant, sleek look.  However, some customers do appreciate having a detachable magazine.  And as a true custom shop we can even laser cut magazines for a more flush fit leaving the rifle with a look similar to a BDL but with a detachable magazine.


While we do stock several different brand triggers, for hunting applications we really like the Timney products best.  

Length and Weight

With a barrel finish length of 24″ the typical Stalker will measure right around 44.5″ and will weigh between 7.5 and 7.75 pounds.  Weights can be further reduced using carbon shell stocks, Titanium receivers and carbon wrapped barrels.  Remember, we are a true custom shop!  We are happy to build your rifle exactly the way YOU want it with whatever components you choose.