WWII is an abbreviation of World War II, also referred to as the Second World War. WWII was a long bloody war that lasted for 6 years, 1 day, from 1st of September 1939 to 2nd of September 1945, which took place in Europe. 

It encompassed most of the world nations dividing them into two military groups named the Axis (Germany, Italy, and Japan) and the Allies (Great Britain, the United States, France, the Soviet Union, with a small percentage of China). 

The main reasons for WWII were global economic depression, Versailles’ agreement, intention to revenge by the Germans following WWI, the Nazi philosophy, the upswing of military defense in Japan and Germany, and appeasement loss. 

Adolf Hitler rose to superiority in Germany, intending to create a new racial order in Europe overseen by their race and then led Germany to invade Poland on the 1st of Sept. 1939 from the west, and the war started. Britain and France proclaimed war on Germany 2 days later, while the Soviet Union also infested Poland from the east on Sept. 17th.

Until the Japanese blew up the United States convoys and their establishments throughout Asia on December 7, 1941, the United States didn’t partake in the war. Japan planned the United States Pacific convoys’ attack to restrict them from infringing their planned attacks in Southeast Asia on the overseas colony, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Japan would have succeeded with its sovereignty over Southeast Asia if the United States didn’t participate in the war, and the war would have been longer than it did. If the United States had participated in the war earlier like the other Allies, they might have been forced to a cease-fire and negotiate peace. The advantage of the United States engaging the war, later on, was the ability to sponsor the war until victory was accomplished.

The axis started losing the war in 1943, in which Italy had to switch sides to join the Allies. This started when millions of forced laborers governed by Germany across Europe made huge resistive movements against the Germans. Italy also proclaimed war on its former Axis ally (Germany) on October 13th, 1943. Italy’s switch to be a part of the Allies became official on September 8th when they let the Allies step on their soil in Salerno, Southern Italy, and united to attack the Axis.

Germans had already known that they had lost the war by the final quarter of 1943. They had to surrender completely when the Allies infested Germany, and Adolf Hitler was forced to commit suicide in 1945. On May 8th, 1945, the Allies officially accepted their surrender, one week after Hitler’s suicide. By then, Japan did not surrender until the summer when the United States shocked them with the atomic bomb’s miracle weapon. They were also forced to surrender in 1945, and WWII was officially ended.

Who is a Veteran? A veteran is a soldier or any person who has been of service in the military for a long time of any branch, be it the army, the navy, the air force, and retired or honorably discharged. Being a veteran is not limited to the male gender only, but also to the female gender being a soldier or not. You don’t need to shoot guns or kill someone in the military to become a veteran. For example, the women who offered their service and support to their nation as nurses during world war II are also considered veterans. The interesting fact is that women were not acknowledged as veterans until WWII came to pass.

Granddaughter of a WWII veteran shirt

The female child of one’s child is known as a granddaughter. As an old adult, nothing should be more valuable to you than helping your grandchildren follow the right path to grow fundamentally. As a granddaughter of a WWII veteran, you have automatically inherited a better life, family respect, and some life benefits such as access to free health care. Getting a granddaughter of a WWII veteran shirt is a way to show appreciation to our brave grandparents. If your veteran raises you as their child instead, you will get full benefits like their children.

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One’s female child is known as a daughter. As a daughter of a WWII veteran, you have inherited a better life from your father or mother’s bravery because there are life benefits for you, such as education, health care, loans, financial aids, and prestige. Besides, it added value to your bridal right. Note that daughters of WWII veterans are married now. Getting a daughter of a WWII shirt is the least way to show your appreciation.

Son of a WWII veteran shirt

One’s male child is known as a son. As a son of a WWII veteran, you have inherited a better life from your father or mother’s brave act. Note that sons of WWII veterans are now grown up adults with an average of 45 years. If you are one of them, just acknowledge that you have benefited from financial aids, loans, free access to health care, life insurance, and education support through their commitment to the nation. You have also earned much respect and been paved ways of joining the military without stress. You should be proud of them. Show them great honor by getting and repping a son of a WWII veteran shirt. It is the least you can do.

Wife of a WWII veteran shirt

Being a wife of a WWII veteran is something so much to be proud of. WWII is the deadliest war in world history so far. No wife was sure that her husband would make it back home alive. It cost them a lot of mental toughness and emotional intelligence, taking care of their children with too many tears rolling off their faces. 

You should always celebrate yourself also. Getting a wife of a WWII veteran shirt is the least means to make you and your husband proud. This shirt will boost your confidence and earn you respect wherever you go.

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Suppose you have always been attending and committed to honorable programs to eulogize your WWII veteran grandparent, representing and upholding their honor. In that case, you are a proud granddaughter of a WWII veteran. Getting a proud granddaughter of a WWII veteran shirt is a way to show it, which will add to your confidence. This shirt is cotton made, comfortable, and soft.

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Suppose you have always been attending and committed to honorable ceremonies that eulogize your WWII veteran parent, upholding their honor. In that case, you are a proud daughter of a WWII veteran, and you’re indirectly laying a respectful legacy for his or her next generation, your children. Repping a proud daughter of a WWII veteran shirt is the easiest way to manifest it, which would boost the entire family’s confidence at an event. This shirt is cotton made, soft, and comfortable.

In conclusion, it should be mandatory for every family to have a person to represent their WWII veteran(s) at every honorable ceremony so that they will never be forgotten. They deserve a lot more.

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