Comments from customers….

We received a really nice e-mail from a customer and felt like sharing it.  Click here to read what John has to say about his recent TMR (Tactical Match Rifle) purchase.

Consistency - Precision - Confidence

You may be good now.  But we’ll make you better.  There is no more consistent and precise firearm available than one we’ve built.  We’ll give you the confidence to be successful at your next match and on your next hunting trip.  Consistency + Precision = Confidence. 

Custom Rifles, Gunsmith, Gear

Accurate Ordnance is a custom rifle manufacturer and dealer of popular bolt-action rifle accessories and high-quality optics. We also offer services such as barrel threading, Cerakote application and performance enhancements to improve your favorite precision firearms. We have several Signature Series model custom rifles available as well. So, if you have money burning a hole in your pocket, your next custom rifle could be on a UPS truck in just minutes. Give us a call for current inventory. Better yet, check here to see currently available rifles.

Signature Series Custom Rifles


The Tactical Match Rifle is ideal for match shooting but also a great choice for target shooting and hunting.


The MARS Rifle was designed as an ideal match and competition target rifle with our hand lapped barrels.


The Stalker is our premier, purpose-built lighter-weight hunting rifle. Comfortable to carry and match grade accuracy.


Remember, we are a CUSTOM rifle shop. We don't just build our Signature Series rifles. We can build EXACTLY what you want!

Gunsmith Services


We single-point true/blueprint receivers, open base holes to 8-40 screws, install bolt knobs and just about anything else you need done. Contact us for a quote.


We install our premium barrels using the most advanced tooling and techniques available. We chamber to the tightest tolerances on a CNC lathe.


Fitting barrels to channels, bedding to eliminate stress, installation of flush cups, studs & bipod rails, inletg for UNS mounts - we do it all.


We are a Certified Cerakote applicator. We don't cut corners on our coating services. Most colors in stock and we're ready to coat your next project.


Our engraving is done using the most advanced laser engraving system available. We can custom engrave just about anything for that extra special touch.

Optics & Accessories


The same Nightforce scopes we use on our hunting, target and competition rifles are in our inventory along with Nightforce and Badger mounting systems.


Receivers, barrels, stocks, chassis systems, triggers, brakes and everything else you need for your next project we keep in stock.


Let us outfit you with the same field gear we use. Everything from bipods to support bags.


Accurate Ordnance logo shirts and (coming soon!) hats.


Stickers, patches and other cool logo stuff. Come on, you know you like stickers and patches for your safe, cooler, etc.