About Us

  Our Mission Statement

We are committed to providing our customers the highest quality products and services at reasonable prices. Beyond that, we promise to always conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity. We are proud of our work and want you to be equally proud to have us serve you. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal. The “Golden Rule” is written on our shop and office walls and we take that message to heart.

Treat others as we would like others to treat us.

Yeah, every company says that. How do we prove it to you? We do that by setting some goals for the service levels we strive to give our customers and then we define metrics to measure ourselves against these goals. Keep reading if you want to learn more about how we keep these promises to you.

Our Commitment and Promises

Words are meaningless without actions to back them up. Settings goals is also meaningless without metrics to track progress. Here are some of our specific customer service goals and how we track our progress.

Phone Calls

Since we strive to give our customers our undivided attention, sometimes we won’t be available to answer someone else’s phone call. In that event, we ask you to leave a voice message and we promise to return the call within one business day’s time.

Returning E-Mail

We also get lots of e-mail asking questions or wanting quotes. Our commitment to you is that we will respond to all e-mails within one business day’s time. Most messages are returned immediately.  To help us best serve you, please send your e-mails to the appropriate contact.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Estimating how soon we can complete a project is sometimes not so easy. For some projects, we might be dependent on a third party such as a part supplier. We absolutely will not cut corners on a project. We will do whatever it takes to complete each project with the highest level of quality possible. In some cases that might mean we take longer to complete a certain task than we hoped it might take. We promise to keep you in the loop with updates about your project’s progress.

The Team

As you’d expect, we’re also firearm enthusiasts, hunters, reloaders, competition shooters and all that. But here are a few other little tidbits about us and the stuff we enjoy outside of the gun world.

Jason Nixon

Have you ever been to a WWII re-enactment? How about an air show? If so, you might have bumped into Jason. He is a history buff in general with a big interest in all things World War II and aviation related.

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Jason and his awesome wife, Janessa, both enjoy the outdoors. They enjoy hiking, camping and just taking in nature whenever possible.

Jason and Janessa can’t decide if they are cat people or dog people, so they have one of each.

As a kid Jason’s idea of a cool toy was a tabletop lathe. He worked for a bit in parts and service for a high-end automotive company before deciding he would rather persue his passion – machining. So, off to school he went. With a degree in CNC machining, Jason entered into the firearms manufacturing world in early 2009 and has since then been making some of the highest quality and performing rifles available.

David Walker

Although he doesn’t really eat many donuts these days, Dave used to be a cop. He is more into granola these days and never goes anywhere without a granola bar of some sort tucked into a pocket. But he knows what it means to put on that uniform and put your life on the line.

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Knock on his door and you’ll be greeted by a couple big doggies and his very lovely wife and son.

Dave and his wife enjoy hiking and searching remote trails for geocaches.

David has been building custom firearms since 2003. He is a master machinist and Accurate Ordnance’s shop foreman.

Woody Satayabut

Aside from assisting customers with their projects, Woody is also the Office Manager.  He makes sure things run smoothly behind the scenes.


He loves everything shooting related – shotguns, handguns, ARs and, of course, long range shooting.  He’s an avid zombie movie junkie. However, when not watching the latest zombie flick or playing at the range, you’ll likely find him camping with family and friends.

Jonathan O’Neal

Jonathan joined us after retiring from 23 years in the military where he served much of the time as a helicopter Crew Chief with over 2000 hours of flying and two combat tours in Iraq.  

When not hanging out the side of a helicopter, Jonathan could be found shooting High Power for the All Guard Rifle Team.  Among other distinctions, he has earned NRA High Master High Power ATC, NRA High Master Mid-range prone and NRA Master Long Range with Service Rifle.

Mark Kuczka

Like the rest of the Accurate Ordnance folks, Mark loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking with his lovely wife, Rebecca, and daughter. They also like paddling around the local lakes & rivers.

Most of his reading these days tends to be non-fiction. However, he has a nice collection of some rare and antiquarian books; mostly fiction and poetry. Some of his favorite authors include Dean Koontz, Patricia Cornwell, and Tom Clancy. You’ll also see some first edition Hemingway, Tennyson and Coleridge volumes on his bookshelves.

Count Mark and another “doggie guy”.