About Us

Are you a new or long-time gun owner looking to get the best tips for your favorite handgun? If yes, then you’ve come to the right blog! At Accurateordance, we offer the best information about rifles, scopes, pistols, and gun mounts. Guns are great for self-defense but, if not handled with care, could cause more harm to the owner, putting the family at risk. This has propelled us to curate hundreds of articles to help you know your gun better! 

What Do We Do

Mike Hardesty founded AccurateOrdnance. He has been shooting, reloading, and bullet casting for over forty years. He lives in rural Indiana, where he has a backyard target range from which he practices and trains people daily. The experience of our founder makes him an authority on guns and their accessories. Some of our articles highlight simple gun care routines, and others inform you about how to build your target range. When you visit our blog, you are sure to be adequately informed about your guns. 

Our blog inspires you to begin your gun journey. We also present our information in an easy-to-understand manner. We do this with highly informative articles that approach the subject matter concisely. You will find our blog helpful if you are a responsible gun owner. 

Why You Need To Read Our Blog 

Our articles do not glamorize guns. We present the facts about guns and how they can be handled safely and responsibly. All our pieces are fact-checked before they are published. In addition to fact-checking, our articles are original content. This means that our articles are unique and not stolen from any other blogs or websites. Hence, the information on our blog is authentic and original. 

We use relevant images in our articles. They are a learning aid to help you assimilate the information more accessible. So, if you aren’t a big fan of reading lengthy texts, the pictures will help you understand the articles easily. 

Do you like videos? We’ve got them too! We have added some clean and quality videos to pass the information better. Many of the videos are produced by our founder in his shooting range. You will love them. With the videos, you can learn along as our founder takes you through the tips and tricks. 

Hi, Meet Mike Hardesty 

Mike Hardesty is the founder of AccurateOrdnance. He packs forty years of experience in shooting, reloading, and bullet casting. Mike believes that guns can be used safely and for recreational purposes. Mr Mike has made rural Indiana his home, where he lives with his wife. He has been married to his wife for forty years and they share four sons together. Mike teaches gun education alongside his wife. He seeks to pass on his over four decades of experience to interested individuals. Mike Hardesty is the perfect balance between a loving family man and a hard-core gun enthusiast!

My Team – Contributors & Writers

L.P. Brezny

L.P Brezny has been writing and reviewing product as well as how to projects for the past 50 years. He has authored four books on shooting with three on long range, and one covering shotgunning. With 26 years on a metro police department as a street officer and the rank of SGT / training L.P. has covered all the bases regarding weapons and street survival. During the early years in non-toxic shotshell ammunition development L.P. designed the first successful measurement system for recording the speed of shot shell payloads down range. He was responsible for getting actual shotshell velocities printed on factory load boxes. Over the years he has developed and markets MetroGun System TM, and sells his designed ammunition for subsonic sound suppressed shotgun shooting. Current L.P. resides in the South Dakota Black Hills and spends a good deal of time working through many types of ammunition both in the field on warm targets. With ultra long range being a current specialty L.P. shots for test and accuracy at ranges as great as one or more miles on the wide open Dakota grasslands.