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{TOP 5} Best Scope For Savage 220 Reviews (2023 UPDATED)

Are you searching for the best scope for savage 220? If yes, then you are in the right place. 

Hunters and shooters are usually looking for the best hunting scopes that are within their budget. Finding a good scope for your savage 220 slug gun can be a bit of a hassle if you don’t know what to look out for in the shotgun scope.

Best Scope For Savage 220 Reviews

Slug guns have long been thought to be inferior. Many hunters that go deer hunting consider a slug shotgun as the weakest type of gun to hunt with. Before now, many would rather use a different weapon than a slug shotgun. However, all that has changed since 2020, when a company called Savage arms started manufacturing slug guns and improved the construction. With the debut of Savage Arms’ popular Savage 220 20 gauge slug gun, they rendered all other shotguns obsolete.

The Savage 220 was first presented by Savage Arms in 2009. From the start, this bolt-action, rifled barrel, 20-gauge shotgun became a favorite among shotgun users. Its contemporary look matches the exceptional accuracy provided by this powerful shotgun. However, you can improve your accuracy much more by adding a professionally built, precise scope.

Where Does the Savage 220 outperform the competition?

Shotgun enthusiasts are already aware that using these weapons comes with a considerable penalty. However, the Savage 220 slug shotgun shines here. This shotgun’s matte-blued carbon steel 22-inch barrel length, along with its stylish user-adjustable AccuTrigger feature, makes it an outstanding choice for accurate shooting during a hunt.

The use of 3″ rounds provides an additional benefit since this 20-gauge shotgun produces less recoil than the 12-gauge weapons.

Although precision is one of the strengths of this shotgun, mounting a scope on it would improve its pinpoint accuracy. Having known that, it is critical to note that a low-quality optic on any shotgun will disappoint. As a result, selecting the ideal sight for a Savage 220 shotgun is necessary.

Buyer’s Guide For The Savage 220 Slug Gun

The Savage 220 is an amazing beast, the greatest gun in the Slug series. It’s an ideal shotgun for anybody, including a novice, and you’ll need the right optic to improve your chances of hitting your targets dead-on. This slug gun is best suited for taking down little creatures from close to medium range. You may even hunt a deer with this gun, but you must be very near to the animal. To address that issue, you’ll need to obtain a good scope with a lot of capabilities to assist you.

Fortunately, you have our buyer’s guide to assist you in selecting the finest slug gun scope on the market, one that is well-made and fairly priced for any type of hunting. There are several options available to you. However, they are not all made equal. When purchasing sights for the Savage 220, keep the following points in mind.


The level of magnification that you will need is a crucial factor to consider. This is dependent on how you want to use the gun. Remember that the Savage 220 is not meant for long range shooting; it is a short-range gun. At a shooting range of 100 yards, the gun will be highly effective. However, as you get away from the target, it becomes less reliable. You need a scope, and the scope must have some magnification since it is its responsibility to provide you with a clear and crisp view of your target at a longer distance. As a result, it’s preferable to stay within 2- 7x magnification. 

You should also consider if you want a fixed scope or variable magnification scope. The fixed scope will be less expensive. However, the option to adjust magnification might help you strike the target more easily. The magnification of your scope will help you see the target closer than your naked eyes would, so ensure you get a decent magnification.

Windage and elevation adjustments

The ability to adjust the optical settings is a feature that is wanted in all types of scopes. This will make it much easier for you to zero on a target. Some scopes come with a set of tools to help you adjust the optical setting. Adjusting the windage, for instance, will help you adapt to the wind so it won’t blow your bullet to the right or left. The sight may also be adjusted up and down to meet the elevation adjustment needs. Your shot will become more precise if these settings are properly tuned. Also, you must ensure that you are comfortable with the adjustment knob of your scope and it is positioned in a comfortable spot for easy accessibility.


You will almost certainly face some challenging shooting circumstances. As a result, you’ll need to pick a scope that can withstand exposure to the elements. Typically, this entails selecting something that is sealed with an O-ring. This will prevent water from entering the scope. Using a nitrogen-purged scope is a good idea. In damp conditions, this will keep the lens on the scope from fogging up.

Lens Coating

You must consider the coating on your lens. This will affect how easily you can see your target. It is advisable to choose a lens with multi coatings. This will reflect the light, resulting in a sharper image. It will also make hunting in low-light circumstances simpler for you. The multi-coating in an optic retains up to 98% of the light. This improves the clarity of the optic and boosts target visibility significantly. This is commonly found in most optics; it is very important since, without it, your optic would be rendered unusable in unusual weather conditions.


A scope is mounted on one of the most powerful weapons ever devised by man. A slug gun that has a lot of recoils. When purchasing a scope for this slug gun, you must ensure it would last long. You must check if the scope can withstand a few bumps and still perform properly. To withstand the effect of the recoil, the optics must be composed of high-quality materials. The ideal material used is aircraft-grade aluminum, which is one of the greatest materials for making optics.

Battery Life 

There are scopes that need to be battery-operated. These scopes usually have a light that helps to see the target in low-light situations. In this case, you should be aware of the battery’s lifespan. This will help you know if to bring extra batteries with you on your journey.


The next item to think about is the sort of scope reticle you’ll use. The reticle is used for aiming. The most suited reticle style will be determined by the kind of target and your shooting style. There are several reticle types. To begin, you may use a duplex. The pattern is crosshairs. This is an excellent pick for hunting. There is also the BDC reticle. The BDC reticle is called Bullet Drop Compensator, and it is very useful to long-range shooters.

Eye Relief

The eye relief is the distance between the scope and your eye while aiming to take a shot. The ideal amount of eye relief is 3 to 4 inches. This prevents the recoil from bruising your eyes. The eye relief provided by your optic allows you to focus on your target without being distracted by fuzziness. The more eye relief you have, the better. You can easily look through the scope without being obstructed by the hazy sides of the scope.

Read Reviews

If you want to acquire an excellent lens, look at what other people are using. Some experienced hunters have used so many types of scopes throughout the course of their careers. They will understand which ones you could use and the ones to avoid. Online forums might be useful for gaining some perspectives. You can also browse over the reviews for each potential scope like you’re doing here. It will give you an idea of the positive and negative aspects of a scope.


1. Vortex Optics Diamondback SFP Scope

The Vortex Diamondback scopes, which are available in a variety of configurations, are one of the most reliable scope series. 

In the post, we’ve emphasized the significance of excellent manufacturing and strength. This scope covers all of these needs and some more! The body is a one-piece design of durable 1-inch aircraft-grade aluminum tubing. It is also incredibly recoil resistant.

This sturdy interior housing space provides two key advantages. To begin, its argon purged and O-ring sealing guarantees that it stays entirely waterproof and dustproof regardless of the hunting environment. The precision turrets in this scope provide two benefits. Firstly, you can reset the zero once sighting in is completed. Second, the glide erector mechanism enables precise tracking and repeatability.

It also uses a completely multi-coated lens. The ArmorTek outer coating protects against probable optical scratches, resulting in crisp, high-resolution pictures.

The Vortex Optics Diamondback 1.75-5×32 is small and light, yet it is extremely sturdy. Because of the Dead-Hold BDC reticle, it is great for individuals who prefer driven hunting. It is also ideal for hunting huge wildlife in dense forest locations.

The Vortex Diamondback also has fast-focus and simple reticle focusing, and it has a fixed parallax at 100 yards. Although the limited eye relief of approximately 3.5 inches may be an issue for some shooters.

This scope is jam-packed with capabilities that are generally only seen in high-end scopes.

Those seeking the best scope for their Savage 220 shotgun will find the Vortex Diamondback very useful. Its variable magnification makes it excellent for homing in on fast-moving objects or hunting at close ranges.

The Vortex Diamondback is undoubtedly a top pick for Savage 220 owners.

2. The Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9×40 

Leupold scopes are a reasonably priced alternative that many shooters like to have. The majority of customers who have utilized the scope are pleased with their investment decision, and we understand why. The Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9×40  scope is great scope for hunting.

Among the Leupold scopes, it is our choice for the savage 220 slug gun. The objective lens of this scope is slightly bigger than what is available in the market. As a result, it should be obvious that the scope would have improved light gathering capabilities. This is critical for ensuring that images are as clear as possible. This scope is also included in the top list of waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof scopes. 

In addition, the twilight light control system gives users a choice of seven brightness levels. Finally, the quality of the glass utilized in the lenses is excellent. The scope is scratch-resistant, making it perfect for woods that frequently come in contact with the scope surface.

3. Nikon SlugHunter Shotgun Scope, 3-9×40 

I was curious about getting the Nikon’s 3-9X 40mm SlugHunter scope, which has a BDC 200 reticle tuned particularly for sabot slugs. However, the long action mount of the 220 savage model receiver did not fit with the SlugHunter (or other small- to medium-length scopes), so I purchased one of Warne’s excellent Picatinny-spec Tactical bases that allows a shooter to mount any type of scope, no matter how long or short. The issue was resolved. Keep this in mind as you configure your own 220-savage slug gun.

Asides from that, the Nikon SlugHunter is a great optic for the 220 savage. It has one of the biggest eye reliefs I have ever seen in a rifle scope. The eye relief is 5 inches. The scope has a magnification range that is great for shooting precisely between 100 and 200 yards which is the shooting range of the savage 220. The scope has a BDC 200 reticle with easy-to-see ballistic circles. The BDC reticle allows instant aiming. 

Nikon SlugHunter also has a multicoated lens that provides about 92% light transmission for clear and bright images. The scope is about 11.3 inches in length and weighs about 13.7 ounces. This scope offers a fast target acquisition even in lowlight conditions. You also get a lifetime warranty on this scope.

4. Burris Scout Scope – 2-7×32 mm

Burris manufactures a wide selection of high-quality optics with industry-leading warranties. Now let us look at everything that this scout scope has to offer for Savage 220 shooters.

This scope is classified as a Scout Scope even though it is tagged compact. However, it is an excellent fit for the Savage 200 slug gun. It is only 9.7 inches long and weighs 13 ounces, making it a fairly manageable addition to your firearm. It comes with waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof capabilities, and it is made of high-quality, long-lasting aluminum. 

The forward mount configuration allows shooters to put it in front of the ejection port. The advantages here include greater eye relief ranging from 9.2- to 12-inches, as well as the ability to shoot with both eyes open.

Another useful feature is the quick-focus eyepiece. With this great Burris scope, you will be able to acquire targets quickly while remaining completely aware of your environment. 

The 2-7x magnification range and 32 mm objective lens is ideal for close-range to long-range targets. You can correctly reach out to targets 500 yards away with this superb optic, making it one of the best available. Although for slug guns like the savage 220, what you need is a scope that works well around the 200 yards range.

The outstanding multi-coated lenses would definitely work in your favor to improve visual clarity.

Added to it is the Ballistic Plex reticle, which is housed in the Second Focal Plane. This is simple to utilize for close-range shooting while also following you out for more challenging shots. It also has capped, finger-adjustable,  low-profile turrets. The turrets are precision-gauged and will remain firmly in position without slipping once properly set.

Buyers are also covered by the company’s Warranty. This guarantees that if your optic starts malfunctioning, you are sure they will replace or repair it without any questions. 

5. SIGHTRON SIII SS 1050×60 LRIRMH 30mm Rifle Scope

Another great scope for your savage 220 is the Sightron SIII. The feature clearly explains why this scope is priced higher than the competition. Most other alternatives are limited or less than 15x magnification. This scope, however, has a magnification range of up to 50x. The Sightron SIII is definitely a long-range scope, and it has a target turret that works best when attached to the rifle with a ring mount. Furthermore, you have more space with an eye relief range of 3.8-4.5 inches than other scope selections offered. Experienced hunters understand the importance of vision while shooting a target.

Therefore, users will love the LED reticle illumination. The ExacTrack windage and elevation adjustment system help improve your shot accuracy. It may prove difficult to get 100% accuracy at first. However, if you use it properly, your trial shots will be greatly reduced. The addition of enormous, gigantic knobs seemed to be an added feature as well. They enable easy modifications. Recoil has an impact on the design of several scopes in the market, but this scope model is shockproof and cannot be damaged by recoil. 

Furthermore, the scope is fog proof, waterproof, and comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Savage 220 Scope FAQ

What is the best scope mount configuration for the Savage 220 gun?

The 22-inc barrel length Savage 220 gun should be equipped with a quality scope that would fit on the mount type on the scope. The Picatinny rail cantilever scope mount is a good mount type for savage 220 scopes. The next best choice is the weaver mount. This cantilever scope mount arrangement, along with the 1-inch Matte scope ring, will keep the scope tube firmly attached rather than any other combo on the market. These items are fairly priced and widely available, so they should be your first choice while purchasing a mount. A combination of the right scope ring and mounting rail would ensure that your scope tube stays accurate.

How efficient is the Savage 220 slug gun?

The Savage slug gun is a shotgun, making it suitable for close-range encounters. The Savage 220 is very accurate at the 100 yards range. The advantage of this savage model is that its accuracy has been extended to about 200 yards. This 200-yard high accuracy will be most efficient if your gun is mounted with a good scope. This slug gun will let you go that far, even though most slug guns don’t perform at that range.

What Distance Does The 220 savage shoot?

The Savage 220 has a typical range of 200 yards. Because this weapon was designed to be used in close quarters.

What is the capacity of a Savage 220 shell?

The usual shell capacity of the Savage 220 is 3 or 4 rounds; this is most likely dependent on the cartridge used. Although the Savage 220 was intended with a rifled barrel, it is essentially a slug gun with limited ammunition capacity. Most shooters use the Remington Accutips ammo.

What ammunition does Savage 220 accept?

The Remington Accutip ammunition is the most highly recommended for this gun. The Remington Accu tip is the most massively pointed bullet available on the market. At 100 yards, this bullet’s accuracy is incredible. It is the finest ammunition for this line of guns. 

Hornady SST vs. Remington Accutips Slugs: Which is better?

Many shooters claim the Remington Accutips is more accurate on their slug gun compared to the Hornady SST. Personally, I also think that the Remington Accu tip is the best for the savage 220 guns. 

Does savage 220 come with factory iron sights?

No. The savage 220 slug gun does not come with factory iron sights. Slug gun comes with a factory mounted and bore-sighted 3–9×40 scope.

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